YA Fiction, Scifi, Clifi, and Fantasy Critique Group

Keith Wain
November 19, 2020

Need another set of eyes to look at your YA novel? 

This critique group is open to YA fiction, science fiction, climate fiction, and fantasy novel writers. Published and non-published writers are welcome. 

The primary goal of this group is to help writers improve their manuscripts and enrich their craft through discussions on the elements of fiction. Here's how it will work:

  1. We don't meet until after the holidays.
  2. We submit pages at least one week before meeting--Zoom meetings, with the hope of face-to-face meetings this summer or fall.
  3. We meet every 7 weeks, with word counts no more than 5000. 
  4. When submitting pages, each writer lists 1-2 elements of writing she/he/zie wants critiquers to focus on. My reasoning for this is quite simple. If we are aware of our individual weaknesses as writers, we want more help in those areas. Also, we not only better understand the elements of writing when we force ourselves to determine what we want others to comment on, critiquers know what they need to comment on, making critiquing easier, more beneficial, and more enjoyable. Critiques are emailed to writers.
  5. During video meetings or face-to-face meetings, we DO NOT repeat our critiques. We begin by asking questions where there is confusion about critiques. Then, we spend the bulk of our time discussing one element of fiction and how it is used in each of our works. This gives us a chance to step back and look at each others' pages/stories in a broader way.

We hope you join us!

Send Keith an email if you are interested: keithwwain@gmail.com.