Wordplay 2021: Tending the Earth

Tending the Earth with Kazim Ali, Diane Wilson, and Moheb Soliman

Virtual Wordplay is a presentation of St. Catherine University and Star Tribune. This event is a St. Kate's Critical Conversation in partnership with The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota’s Trees. Water. Soil. campaign.

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“Places do not belong to us,” Kazim Ali writes. “We belong to them.”

As the environmental crisis grows ever more urgent, so do our relationships with the natural world. These authors resist an understanding of “the environment” as separate from humanity: Kazim Ali’s essays in  bring him to a First Nations community in Canada fighting for its rights to land and power; Diane Wilson’s novel The Seed Keeper follows four generations of a Dakota family struggling to preserve its way of life as the natural world changes around them; and Moheb Soliman’s poems in HOMES interrogate transience, belonging, and environmental destruction along the Great Lakes’ North Shores.

The “natural world” is not a place “out there,” far away from people—and it’s the people most wrapped up in these regions whose stories we need most urgently.

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