Loft Classes at Wordplay

Loft Classes with Wordplay Authors

During the Wordplay weekend, the Loft will offer a number of classes with visiting Wordplay authors. See the full list below.

Please note: Wordplay classes cannot be refunded after April 23; before April 23, students can receive the standard 85% refund (minus a 15% registration fee). Tuition cannot be transferred to, from, or between Wordplay classes. Parking will be challenging and limited so please take extra time to find parking at nearby parking ramps or explore other options such as public transportation and ride services.

Risk and Rigor

Friday, May 10 | noon–4 p.m. | $250

This poetry class taught by Tina Chang ushers the hesitant or rusty writer past stages of creative uncertainty.
* Students are asked to submit 1-2 poems ahead of time for workshop.


The Stories We Carry: Meditation and Writing

Friday, May 10 | 4–6 p.m. | $40

In this immersive, generative workshop, Dani Shapiro will lead students through a series of brief meditations and writing prompts designed to explore the intersection of memory and imagination.


For a Start

Saturday, May 11 | 9 a.m.–1 p.m. | $250

This workshop will investigate what great literary beginnings prioritize; define that elusive certain-something to which all our openings seem to aspire; and explore the difference between what writers need to climb into their stories and what readers need to stay there. * The teaching artist will read and review student work in advance of class.


The Ghost in the Pages: Breathing Life & Memory Into Fiction

Saturday, May 11 | 9:30–11:30 a.m. | $40

The internationally-bestselling author of “Shotgun Lovesongs,” “The Hearts of Men,” and “Little Faith” will discuss the risks and rewards of rooting fiction in family and personal history


Verbs As Images/Images As Verbs

Saturday, May 11 | 10 a.m.–2 p.m. | $250

We'll discuss the importance of verbs in our work because what a reader "sees" in a story’s movement, pacing, and plot, are determined by the verb choices the author makes. * The teaching artist will read and review student work in advance of class.


How to Tell the Truth

Saturday, May 11 | noon–4 p.m. | $250

In this generative workshop we’ll tackle this ethical and creative challenge, as well as the challenges of navigating other people’s memories (which may differ in important ways from our own), and how to overcome the fear many of us encounter when we commit to telling the truth.


Lassoing the Muse Without Choking Her

Saturday, May 11 | 1–3 p.m. | $40

Join novelist Lorna Landvik in a free-wheeling talk about writing novels — from inspiration, to excuse-making, to what works in getting the work done and what to do with the work when it is done.