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The Loft's Wordsmith

A craft, career, and connection conference for writers | November 2–3, 2019

Wordsmith the Loft's first-ever craft, career, and connection conference for writers. The conference will take place November 2–3, 2019 at the McNamara Alumni Center. Some pre-conference workshops and events will take place at the Loft on Friday, November 1 and there may be a workshop/public event on Monday, Nov 4. 

Wordsmith is a gathering with 25 visiting agents and editors who will consult with you on your work and take pitches. It will have some of the same aspects as previous Loft Pitch Conferences, but it will also have so much more. With the involvement of 30+ writers, this conference is aimed at most genres and levels of writer.

The conference is intended for those ready to pitch their work, those already with a book out or with an agent, and those who want to get more prepared to publish their work. It's intended for prose writers and poets, genre and literary writers, beginning and advanced. In short, we are working hard to pull together a gathering that will feature meaningful sessions, workshops, one-on-one pitch and craft meetings, and networking opportunities for writers of all levels and genres.

The 35 conference sessions will be broken into tracks of Craft, Connection, Career, Tech & Tools, and Publishing. And there will be ample time to network with fellow conference attendees.

Registration is now open!

Loft Wordsmith 2019 is Coming!