Accessibility at the Loft

The Loft is committed to making its programs and facilities accessible to everyone in the literary community. Please contact the Loft for more information or to discuss accommodations you may need.

Screen Readers

The Loft's website is designed in compliance with ADA accessibility guidelines. Applications for Loft grants, awards, and contests are accepted through Submittable, a submission portal that works with screen readers.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Loft Literary Center is located within Open Book, which is accessible to people using wheelchairs. Entrances to the building have automated door openers; the Loft office does as well. Elevators travel to all floors of the building. Seating is wheelchair-accessible in Loft classrooms, writers’ studios, and the Target Performance Hall. Open Book’s parking lot is accessible and includes designated disability parking spots by the back door. All public restrooms are wheelchair-accessible.

Assistive Listening Devices

Sound amplification and assistive listening technology are available in all classrooms and the performance hall at your request.

Service Animals

You are welcome to bring a service animal to the Loft.


Many Loft readings, events, and programs are free. Discounted rates for classes are available to writers who qualify based on household income. Writers currently enrolled in public assistance can qualify for the Access Funds pool and take Loft classes at a 95% discount.


All-gender restrooms are located on three floors of Open Book.

The Rachel Vaughn Fund helps the Loft make accessibility a reality.

Please contact the Loft if you have any questions or requests regarding accessibility.

Accessibility Logos