Annual Report

Year in Review

September 1, 2017–August 31, 2018

Through this fiscal year we have been successful shepherds of the programs you, our members, have made possible for years while still imagining how we might find new ways to foster a thriving literary community and inspire a passion for literature.

As always, our incredible teaching artists offered challenging and supportive classes that helped writers of all ages grow and connect. Our awards and fellowships continued to support emerging and established writers, ensuring that Minnesota remains one of this country’s most enviable literary ecosystems. Our events focused on connecting provocative writers with curious readers in one-of-a-kind conversations that expand beyond the work on the page. Our Year Long Writing Projects, which help advance serious writers, expanded to offer a memoir project with Nicole Helget in addition to the wildly successful novel project with Peter Geye. And the Loft has remained committed to ensuring that as many people as possible can participate in our programming. With support from the Minnesota State Arts Board and our members, we expanded our scholarship program this year.

In addition to all the great things we continue to do, this year we challenged ourselves to put literature at the center of civic life. Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, we have begun to present themes around a single idea. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and can be part of important issues and conversations in civic life. Loft themes compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways. In Fiscal Year 2018 we explored the themes of Vigilance, To Be Honest, and True North.

As you may know, the Loft will launch Wordplay in 2019. While the event will happen in a few months, the work to make it happen started in 2017. We hired a festival director, expanded our internship program, and hired a logistics team. Relationships with new financial and community partners were built. Eventually Wordplay will be a support to other Loft programming, but in this development year we were working hard to raise money to make it a success through corporate sponsorship, individual donations, and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

I believe that in this last year we truly offered a place for anyone who cares about words. We continue to support the solitary writer in their pursuits but also push the doors open for social exploration and conversation around stories and poems. As we continue to grow and learn we seek new ways to celebrate literature without ever forgetting the magic of putting pen to paper.

One member recently stated:

I love writing at the Loft, especially on a Saturday morning. I get a coffee, then breathe deeply as I slowly walk up the winding staircase. I sit at one of the square tables, open my laptop, and snuggle into one of the comfy chairs. Immediately I can feel the inspiration surround me ... it comes from the walls, the air, the artwork, the books, everything around me gives off a powerful and inspiring vibe. I recognize that it is my happy place. And then I start to write.

It is our members that make this all possible. Thank you. I hope you find that same inspiration and comfort here at the Loft, however you enter.

Britt Udesen
Executive Director

Institutional Support

Jerome Foundation
McKnight Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board*

* Loft activities are made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Funder Support FY18 100k
FY18 Institutional Support 50k
Institutional Support

Surdna Foundation
Hearst Foundations
Al & Char Hatfield Foundation



Institutional Support

Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Amazon Literary Partnership
Nina Hale, Inc.
Hanley Wood Marketing



FY18 Loft Institutional Support 20k
Institutional Support

Aloha Philanthropies
Boss Foundation
Wenger Foundation

Institutional Support

Fredrikson & Byron
PEN America
Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Foundation
Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

Institutional Support

Penwarden Designs

Thank You Members

Fiscal year 2018 (September 1, 2017–August 31, 2018)

Leadership Circle ($1,200 and above)

Marge and Tom Barrett
Alexandra Coe and Judy Meath
Thomas D. Davis and Marianne B. Davis
Lois and Joe Duffy
Mary Dunnewold and Jeff Ondich
Jacquelyn Fletcher and Arne Johnson
Deb Fowler and John Schenk
Rehael Fund—Roger Hale/Nor Hall of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jennie Goloboy and Steve Sigmond
Jocelyn Hale and Glenn Miller
Mary Jarvis and Mike Meyer
David and Julie Jones
David Kilpatrick
Constance and Daniel Kunin
James and Susan Lenfestey
Walt McCarthy and Clara Ueland
M.P. McConnell
Lyn Opitz
Eric Roberts and Laura Davis
Marly Rusoff
Beth Schoeppler and Todd Pierson
Elizabeth Schott
Bill Voedisch and Laurie Carlson
Joanne Von Blon
Jamie Wilson
Margaret Wurtele

$250 - $1199

Anonymous  (15)
Jon Austin
Mary and Keith Bednarowski
Sarah Borchers and Sam Swanson
Breyer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jean and Carl Brookins
Diane Carlson Wentz
Terri Carlson
Dennis Cass and Liz Barrere
Catherine Chung
Julie Corty
Jay and Page Cowles
Sue Crouse
Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
Paula and Cy DeCosse
Charlotte Donlon
Phyllis and Christopher Dozier
Timothy Dykstal
Jack El-Hai
Sarah Farley and Elizabeth J Tisel
Barbara Forster
Nancy Gaschott and Mark Ritchie
Dobby and Kathy Gibson
Shelly Gill Murray
B.Z. Goldsmith
Richard and Marsha Gould
Emily Hamilton
Blanche and Thane Hawkins
Judy Hawkinson
Andy Hunter
Amber James
Kit Ketchum and Virginia McCarthy
Andrew Kortuem
John and Wende Kotouc
Lorna Landvik
Sharon Lapensky
Chris LaVictoire and Dan Mahai
Mary and Chuck Leer
Richard Lentz
Pete and Bebe Magee
Emily Maltz
Elissa Mautner
Hope and Jerome McAllister
Bill and Martha McLaughlin Family Foundation
Kirsten Meehan
Rita Mehta
Jill Meyers
Jorie and Keith Miller
Jim Moore and JoAnn Verburg
Linda Myers Shelton and Larry Shelton
Maggie O'Connor and Linda Ridlehuber
Timothy O'Connor
Valerie Ohanian
gil olson
Sarah Olson
Liz Petrangelo and Michael Lundeby
Cristina Pippa
Catharine C. Reid
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Steve and Tamrah Schaller O'Neil
Jonathan Seltzer
Sarah Stoesz and David Foster
Ann and Steve Sundberg
Loren Taylor
Britt Udesen
Amy Voedisch
Jacqueline Williams

In Honor and In Memorial Of Gifts

Deborah Gage in memory of Audrie Gage
Randy, Bob Christenson and Carol Murray Families in honor of Margaret E (Boyd) Christenson
Patricia Lebow in honor of Mr. Barry Knight
Anonymous in memory of Mrs. Claudia R. Johnson
Jane Engquist in honor of Faith and Dan Sullivan
Constance Kunin in honor of Faith Sullivan
Wallace and Joyce Kennedy in memory of Cheri Register
Diane Baldwin in memory of Cheri Register
Jane Burnett in memory of Cheri Register
Claus and Susan Mahler in honor of Margaret Christenson
Tasya Kelen in honor of Jr Kelens' joint birthdays
The Gordon and Jeanne Shepard Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation in memory of Jeanne Shepard
FirstService Residential Fund for Community Excellence in memory of Mel Gittleman of The Minneapolis Foundation

$249 and below

Anonymous (80)
Jennifer Abel Kovitz
Stuart Abraham
Lynn Abrahamsen
Jennifer Acker
Ida M. Adams
Barbara Aglaia
Nancy Agneberg
Kathy Ahlers
Brian Ahlm
Sara Ahluwalia
Iyabo Angela Ajayi
Elaine Alarcon-Totten
Shari Albers
Teresa Albertson
Bridgit Colleran Albrecht
Denise Alden
Margret Aldrich
Jennifer Alexander
Peter Alexander
Diana Allard
Aryk Allyn
Mary Alterman
Fred Amram
Karrie Amsler
Jonathan Anders
Amy Anderson
Connie Anderson
Hallie Anderson
Holly Anderson
Ingrid Anderson Sampo
Janet Anderson
Kerry Anderson
Matthew Anderson
Robert Anderson
Stephanie Anderson
Victor Anderson
Margaret Anderson Kelliher and David Kelliher
Margit Anderson
William Anderson
Dale Gregory Anderson
Leonard Andrew
Gretchen Anthony
Kristin Appel
Cami Applequist
Yasar Arafath
Lesley Nneka Arimah
Bruce Ario
Kristen Arnett
Lori Arnold
Racquel Art
Marisa Atkinson
Jami Attenberg
Margot Atwell
John Austrian
Swati Avasthi
Heather Awad
The Babbs Family
Tracy Babler
Barbara Bach
Kimberly Bache
Bev Bachel
Meagan Bachmayer
Adam Backstrom
Emily Baer
Dr. Cheryl Bailey
Mary Kay Bailey
Alison Baker
Kara Balcerzak
Mary Ballsrud
Rosanne Bane and Claudia Bruber
Crystal Barnes
Jessica Barnes
Marie Barrese
Dave Barrett
Patricia Barrier
Margot Barry
Shawn M Barry
Delma Bartelme
Robert Bartlow
Jordan Bascom
Caroline Bassett
Maribeth Batcha
Patricia Bauer
Meghan Bayersdorfer
Linda Baynton
Mary Beam
Matt Beaman
Seth Beaugh
Beaver's Pond Press
Joan Bechtold and Brian Balleria
Lisa Bechtold
Maya Beck
Melissa Beemsterboer
Eileen Beha
Glynn Behmen
Alison Behnke
Karen Beltz
Janet Bender
Sarah B Bennett
Areba Bennett
Laura Bennett
Mary Berg
Mark Berge
Roxanne Bergeron
Grace Berke
Michael Bernabo
George Bernhardt
Dan Bernier
Marie-Helene Bertino
Amy Bethke
James Bettendorf
Elizabeth Bewley
Suzula Bidon
Lois Binder
Heidi Bing
Regina Birchem
Tara Bischoff
Aimee Bissonette
Candace Black and Richard Robbins
Kathy Blackwell
Debra J Blake
Uriah Blatherwick
Peter and Lucia Blau
Micki Blenkush
Patricia Blumenreich
Sophia S.W. Bogle
Colleen Bohlin
Kaitlyn Bohlin
Kaitlyn Bohlin
Bohmann/Riehle Family Fund
Lisa M. Bolt Simons
Stephanie Bongas
James Borden
Martha Bordwell
Susan S. Boren
Mayr Boros
Mary Bos
Mary Bosrock
Jeff Bouman
Sarah Bowlin
Ted and Marge Bowman
Pam Boyd
Ann Marie Boyle
John Boyt
Virginia and Larry Bradford
Anita L. Bradshaw
Jill Braithwaite
Lloyd Brant
Susan and Mark Brauer
Eric Braun
William Breen
Mary Brekke
Judith Brenner
Judith Brenner
Kristine Bretall
Amy Brill
Lynn Broaddus
Julie Brokaw
Sally Bronski
Iris Brossard
Lauren and Patrick Brown
Ellen and Peter Brown
Heather Brown
Karen Brown
Patrick Brown
Stephanie Brown
Teresa E Brown
Tami Mohamed Brown
Martha Brummitt
Philip and Carolyn Brunelle
Christine Brunkhorst
Cathlene Buchholz
Jill Budish
Emily Marie Buehler
Bill Bukovsan
Amanda Bullock
Julie Bunn
Julie Buntin
Frank Bures
Marc Burgett
Terri Burnor
Janet Burroway
Claire Burrows
Krista Burton
Katherine Butler
Linda Buturian
Emily Byers-Ferrian
Devin Byker
Carolyn Byrne
Bea Cabrera
Karen Cadigan
Al and Georgia Cady
Ellen Campbell
Linda Canfield
Missy Carbonneau
Renee Cardarelle
Spike Carlsen
Gregg Carlson
Jennifer Carlson
Jessica Carlson
Maureen Carlson
Nancy Carlson Studios and Nancy Carlson
Jean Carlton
Sam Carolus
Alan Carpenter
Betsy Carpenter
Donald Carr
Barbara Carrane
Nica Carrillo
Lynn Casale
Rusty Caschetta
Jean Casey
Margaret A Catambay
Christina Cavitt
Mark Ceilley
Nancy Cerkvenik
Carolyn Chalmers
Wondra Chang
Jeffrey Chant
Ryan Chapman
Paula Chapman
Hilary Chart
Ariel Chatman
Fun Fun Cheng
Ting Ting Cheng and Eric Larson
Scott Cheshire
Sharon Chmielarz
Richard Choate
Steve Chollar
Victoria Chow
Jacey Choy
Nancy Christensen
Rachel S. Christensen
Scott and Marilyn Clark
Merodie Clark
The Clay Family
Kathy Clock
Carolyn Cochrane
Linda Coffin
Cathy Coffman
J. Cohen
Stephen Cohen
Kolawole Coker
Karlyn Coleman
Sarah Colleran
Callie Collins
Tom Combs
Jeanne Comeford and Zig Schuessler
Calhoun Conley
Alicia Conroy
Kei J. Constantinov, MFA
Pamela Cook
Kathy Coppo
Theresa Cosgriff
Jeanne Cowan
Nancy Cox and Christopher Persaud-Cox
John Coy and Fiona McCrae
Lyn Cramer
Freddy Crawford
Mary Crawford
Shannon Cron
Julie Cross
Shevvi and Shon Crowley
Jackie Crowley
Amy Cruzat
Patricia Cumbie and Sean Doyle
Tanner Curl and Emily Dussault
Tracey Curran
Joe Curtis
Christy Czarnecki
Urve Daigle
David Daily
Adam Dale
Julie Daniels
Debbie Danielson
Jahnavi and Sachin Darji
Jeff Darragh
Amy Davis
Chris Davis
Janette Davis
Will Davis
Christine K Dawe
Anabel De Juan-Gomez
Eugénie de Rosier
Hans-Peter de Ruiter
Gary Deason
Terri DeGezelle
Lori Degman
Catherine Dehdashti
Joanna Demkiewicz
Michael Dennis Browne
Jan DeNoble
A. N. Devers
John Devine
Thomas J Devine
Nicole Dewey
Jackie and Ronald Dexter
Stephen Dickinson
Jennifer Dieter
Calvary Diggs
Michael Kleber Diggs
Carol Dines
Adan Dirie
Anna Dobben
Scott Dobbins
Jennifer Dodgson
Amy Doeun
Michelle and Jim Doilney
Dara Dokas
Dara Dokas
Clifford Donaldson
Rebecca Dosch Brown
Sara Dovre Wudali
Layla Dowlatshahi and Christian Fitchett
Annette Drewes
Thomas Dubbe
Jennifer DuBois
Margaret Duevel
Alice and David Duggan
Peggy Sue Dunigan
Andy Dunn
Jessica Dunnagan
Molly W Dunning
Dennis Dupont
Terry Dussault and Mary Mueller
Matt DuToit
Lou Dzierzak
Molly Each
Clover Earl
Mary Moore Easter
Scott Eastman
Scott Edelstein and Ariella Tilsen
Michele Longo Eder
Sharalyn Edgeburg
Karin Egge
Steven Ehlscheid
Laura Ehramjian
Jeff and Dena Ehrich
Anthony Eichenlaub
Kate Eidam
Cherste Eidman
Susan Eilertsen
Marian Eisenmann
John Ekholm
Karen Elhai
Sara Ellingsworth
Ann Elliott
Mike Elliott
Anne Elstrom
Máel Embser-Herbert
Brad Engdahl
Sarah Engelmann
Joan Ennis
Robb Enslin
Mackenzie Epping
Anne-Marie Erickson
Kate Erion and Linda Muhlenhardt
Andrew Ervin
Hope Esparolini
Joanne Esser
Nancy N Eustis
Jil Evans
Macey Evans
Roxanne Ezell
Anika Fajardo
Roh Family
Laura Fanucci
Michael Farnsworth
Jeanne Farrar
Lawrence Farrar
Julie Fasciana
Anastasia Faunce
Andrew Fay
Kurtis Fechtmeyer
Michael and Judith Fedo
Michael Fedo
Janna Fennell
Jenifer Fennell
Liz Ference
Matt Ferrari
Rachel Fershleiser
Meg Finn
Natalie Finn
Chris Fischbach and Katie Dublinski
Maureen Fischer
Amy FitzHenry
Sarah Fjellanger
Erin Flannery
Brett Fletcher Lauer
Elizabeth Fletcher
Bert Flora
Libby Flores
Patricia and Patrick Foley
Gerald Foley
Susan Follett
Susan Follett
Kara Forde
Tabitha Forney
Jen Fortner
Marsha Foss
Angela F. Foster
Amelia Foster
Andrea Fox Jensen
Steve Fox
Polly Franchot
David Francis
Patricia Francisco
Abby Frank Taylor
Mira Frank
Leslie Frank-Taylor
Jessica Franken
Marcia Franklin
KH Frankowski
Mary Fransen
Julia Franz
Christine Fraser
Dawn Frederick
Dawn Frederick
Jane Fredericksen
Ann L. Fredrickson
Katharine Freeman
Mary Freeman
Linda Freemon
Freeport-McMoran Foundation
Angie Freshwater
Carolyn Fritz
Ned Froehlich
Rebecca Frost
Gero Fuhrmann
Audrey E Fuller
Katie Fuller
Janice S Fuller
Margaret Fulton
Greta Gaard
Rachel Gabriel and William Dana
Harleigh Gabrielson
A Gagliardi
Claire E Gagnon
Amy Gall
Mark and Kristin Gallagher
Jeanne Gallaher
Leah Galle
Margot Fortunato Galt
Noriko Gamblin
Kara Garbe Balcerzak and Eric Balcerzak
Mary Gardner
Gayle Geber
Cynthia Gehrig
Rachel Geiser
Sarah Gerard
James and Teddy Gesell
Matthew Gibbs
Shannon Gibney
Lois Gibson
Susan Gilbert
Teri Gillette
Lisa Gittens
Tom Glaser
Jenna Gold
Nancy Gold
Michael Goldsmith
Linda Goldstein
Mark Goldstein
Brian Good
Heather Goodman and Paul Nelson
Avron Gordon
Molly Gough
Jeffrey Gould
Susan Gower
Elizabeth Grace
Kara Graham
William and Jeanne Grandy
Paula and Vince Granquist
Coralee Grebe

$249 and below (continued)

Georgia Greeley
D. E. Green
Laurie Greeno
Mindy Greiling
Ami Greko
Linda Greve
Molly Griffin
Cary Griffith
AB Grimm
Rosanne Gronseth
Holly Gross
Tina Gross and Juan Zuluaga
Catherine Boebel Grotenhuis
Suzan Grovender
Rachel Grubbs
Gay Grymes
Karen Gu
Candace Guerette
Judith Guest
Teri Gunderson
Larry Gust
Sid Guthrie
Ted Haaland
Caroline Haas
Sharon Haas and Nick Faber
Kathryn Haddad
Carol Hagebak
Richard G. Hagen and Michele Abita
Carla Hagen and LeRoy Sorenson
Kathryn Hagen
Michael and Amelia Hager
Syed Ali Haider
Carol Hake
Erin Halden
Caroline Hale-Coldwell
Genevieve Hall
Lois Hall
Patricia Kelly Hall
Erin Hallagan Clare
Cindra Halm
Jessica Halverson
Sara Halverson
Alvin Handelman and Carol Holly
Emily Hanna
Patrick Hansel
Jonathan Hansen
Katherine Hanson
Gareth Harcombe-Minson
Kate Harding
Paula Hari
Kathryn Harper
Tracy Harris
C.E. Harrison
Gail Hartman
Ann Harvieux
Margaret Hasse and David Grothe
Gretchen Hayes
Alison Hayes
Kate Heartfield
Abby Heidemann
Katie Heigl
Sara Heikes
Helen Heitz
Judith Helgen
Marjorie and Don Helmer
Vickie Helmuth
Kay Hendrikson
Karen Hering and David Hammond
Jennifer Hernandez
Jaclynn Herron
Heath Hertel
Laurie Hertzel
Jacqueline Hesse
Virginia Hickey
Janet Higgins
Marilyn Higgins
Lisa Higgs and Toby Kohler
Sherri Hildebrandt
Donald Hill
Liz Hill
Cheryl Hiltibran
Katie Hines and Sam Boggs
Kathy Hintz
Elizabeth Hlavka
Maren Hoch
Peggo Hodes
David Hodgson
Ellen Hoerle
Angelia Hoffman
Lynn Hoffman
Jane Hoffmann
Rebecca Hofstad
Carolyn Holbrook
Susan H. Holland
Harriet Holland
Hannah Holman
Linda Holstein
Joseph Holt
Melissa Holten
Patricia Holthe
Marlys Honeyman
Edwin Hong
Patricia Hoolihan
Alayne Hopkins
Lousene Hoppe
Dan Hopper
John Horchner
Janet Horvath
Heidi Kay Hoskins
David Housewright and Renee Valois
Jean Housh
Ted and Mary Hovey
Janine Hradsky and Cathy Nelson
Whit Hu
Carolyn Hubbell
Thomas Huberty
Eric Hucke
Brenda Hudson
Cathleen Hughes
Kellie Hultgren
David Hunter
David Hunter
David Hunter
Carol Huss
Nausheena Hussain
Beth Hynes-Ciernia
GitHub, Inc.
Helen Ingham
Kelly Ingvaldson
Libby Casey Irwin
Cheryl Irwin
Donna Isaac
Jeff Iseminger and Susan Taylor
Yvette H Jackson
Aimee Jackson
Bernard Jacob
Nancy Jacobs
Jalyn and Shawntan
Frances James
Linda and Kevin Janni
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew and Emily Jarrett Hughes
Mary Jean Port
Katja Jeanneret
Kathryn Jensen
Mark Jensen
Merle Jensen
Damián López-de Jesús
John Jodzio
Pamela Joern
Arnold Johanson
Robert Johns
Kristin F. Johnson
Debra Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson and Bob McGarry
Geoff Johnson
Julie Johnson
Kurt Johnson
Marlys Johnson
Vivian Johnson and Mike Rivard
Karin L Johnson
Andrea Johnston
Joseph Jolton
Donald and Millie Jones
Carola Jones
Jennifer Jones
Chris Mackenzie Jones and Dannah Baynton
Christina Joyce
Mary Junge and Mark Matasovsky
Bob Junghans and Kathleen Stoller-Junghans
Julie Jurrjens
Paul Kaefer
Art Kaemmer
Phyllis Kahn
Steve Kakowski
Amanda Kaler
Emily Kallas
Leslie Kallas
Patti Kameya
Tim Kane
Kristin Kapsen
Tina Karelson and John Risdall
Neal Karlen
Margaret Karsten
Patrick Karsten
Clifford Kashtan
Donna Kaspersen
Ronald and Anne Kaufman
James Kaufmann
William Kaufmann
Sharon Kaylen
Kristyn Keene
Fred Keepers
Matt Keliher
Jessica Kelley
Mary Kelly
Michael Kelly
Sherry Kempf
Kelsey Kennedy
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Marcus Kessler
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Angela Kidd
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Susan Klobuchar
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Rebecca Kobielush
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Liz Koch
Susan and Kurt Koefod
Susie Kopp
Heather Koshiol
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Katie Meline Kotlyar
Erin Kottke
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Cynthia Kraack
Eleanor Krahn
Lawrence Krantz and Diane Pittman
Janna Krawczyk
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Linda Krug
Vaunceil Kruse
Scott Kubie
Mary Beth Kuderna
Judith Kurtz
Katie Kurtzman
Jennifer Kusz
Kristine Kvamme
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Kathryn Kysar
Margaret and Joseph LaFleur
Anne LaGrandeur
Lee Landau
Julie and Maury Landsman
Erin Lane
Henry Lanford
Susan Lang
Andrew Langdell
Leslie Langford
William and Ann Lanoue
David LaRochelle
Andrea Larsen
Karin Larsen
Barbara Larson
Diane Larson
Victoria Larson
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Sherri Larson
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Miranda Leblanc
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Angela Ledgerwood
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Vivian Lee
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Electric Literature
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Sarah Lopusnikova
Susan Lorenz
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Kristel Maasen
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Linda Maki
Katharine Malaga
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Donna Malum
Freya Manfred and Tom Pope
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Pete Marshall
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Vivian and Jeff Martin
Cynthia Martin
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Meg Martin
Evan Martinak
Mary Therese Martinez
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Marjorie Mathison Hance
Celia Mattison
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Abby McCary
Mary Ellen McCluskey
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Mary K. McCormick
Michael McCormick
Sarah McCoy
Amee McDonald
Lynda McDonnell
Caitlin McDonough
Kate McDonough
Jean McEwen
Ann McFadden
Maura McGarry
Joey McGarvey
Alison and Doug McGhee
Will McGrath
Julie McGregor
Mo McHugh
Brian McKay
Ann McKinley
Betsy McNerney
Heather and Edward McPherson
Mandy Medley
Mindy Mejia
Lauren Melcher
Kathleen Melin
Marilyn Mellor
Laura Melohn
Maile Meloy
Abby Merea
Emily Merrill
Carrie Mesrobian
Judy Metcalf
Heather Meyer
Nancy Meyers
Nancy Meyers
Roberta Meyers and Abigail Miranda
Myrna Mibus
Nancy Miedtke
Pamela Milam
Susan Milchman
Mary Ann Miller
Alan Miller
Karen Miller
Drew Miller
Diane and Mark Millis
Anna Min and Tina Cho
Liz Minette
Melissa Miroslavich
Rita and Richard Moe
Joshua Moehling
Melissa Moehrl
MaryAnn Moenck
Barbara Moffett
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Lara Mimosa Montes
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Yvonne Moore
Cindy Morgan
Sally Morgan
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Linda Morrison
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Clem and Elizabeth Nagel
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Rodney and Diane Nelsestuen
Clareyse Nelson
Kate Nelson
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Rose Nelson
William Nemmers
Barbara Neubert
Liz Newberry
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Sydney Nichols
Sara Nick
Lisa Nilles
Carolina Nitz
Nora Nolan
Stephanie and Michael Noll
Joni Norby
Paul Nordland
Nancy Nordmeyer
Kathleen Nordstrom
Willie Nour
Amanda Nowlin-Obanion
Laska Nygaard
Kerin and Patrick O'Connor
Brigid O'Connor
Christine O'Connor
Jason O'Keane
Tricia O'Reilly
Mary Beth Obermeyer
Al Oertwig
Diana Oestreich
Dixie Ohlander
Elizabeth Olds
Nanci Olesen
Marie Olofsdotter
Alisha Olsen
Kristen Olsen
Cheryl Olseth
Brent and Robin Olson
Kristine Olson
Sandra Olson

$249 and below (continued)

Gordon Ommen
Steph Opitz and Stephanie Lanford
Emily Oran Johnson
Lee Orcutt
Lucia Orth
Sara Ortiz
Lisa Ostendorf
Josh Ostergaard
Rachel Ostergaard
Kylie Osterhus
Timothy Otte
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