Annual Report

Year in Review

September 1, 2018–August 31, 2019

Fiscal year 2019 was an incredible stretch for the Loft, full of amazing programs and a big new adventure. As we head into our 45th year, the Loft isn’t slowing down but is just getting started. We are committed to advancing the artistic development of writers, fostering a thriving literary community, and inspiring a passion for literature. At the end of the day, we believe that stories are essential to making the world a more just and loving place. We believe literature should be the center of civic life and stories are the way we come to challenge, celebrate, and ultimately understand each other.

How did we work to achieve that in 2019? We offered nearly 400 classes, awarded $143,000 in fellowships and grants, and provided 129 class scholarships, which make it possible for students to attend at a 95% discount. While all of these are important, we can’t talk about 2019 without celebrating the inaugural Wordplay.

Last year was marked by the launch of the event that the Star Tribune called “heaven for readers.” On May 11-12, nearly 10,000 people gathered to hear from a varied and impressive lineup of more than 100 authors—including Steven King, Marlon James, Amy Tan, Tommy Orange, and Bill McKibben—exploring everything from motherhood and families to environmental threats and comics. The weekend kicked off with a sold out concert at First Avenue by the Rock Bottom Remainders and didn’t slow down until Sunday evening!

Wordplay is now an annual celebration of Minnesota’s incredible literary community and promises to be a place for all kinds of readers to be challenged, provoked, and entertained. The Loft is committed to growing this event and making it accessible to all. With support from members and sponsors we were able to bring many of these authors into schools and provide free wristbands for attendees under 18. It was a spectacular first year in every sense, but we see it as only the beginning.

It is with deep gratitude that we close out the year. A vision this big would not be possible without the generous support of our members, the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, and the deep commitment to the power of story alive in this community.

Thank you for sharing your stories and for showing up for books.


Britt Udesen
Executive Director

Financials and At-a-Glance
Matching Gifts

Ameriprise Financial
Best Buy Foundation
Charities Aid Foundation of America
FirstService Residential
Graco Matching
The Medtronic Foundation
The Quaker Hill Foundation
Thomson Reuters
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
UnitedHealth Care
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Xcel Energy Foundation

Institutional Support

Jerome Foundation
McKnight Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board*

* Loft activities are made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Funder Support FY19 100k
Funder Support FY19 50k
Institutional Support

St. Catherine University
Star Tribune



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Amazon Literary Partnership
Patrick & Aimee Butler Foundation
Hanley Wood
Minnesota Public Radio
National Endowment for the Arts
Ryan Companies


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Institutional Support

Aroha Philanthropies
Boss Foundation
Children's Minnesota
Finnegans Brewing Company
Froeber Dentistry
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
Magers and Quinn
Modern Well
Mounds Park Academy
Opitz Outlets
Red Balloon Bookshop
University of Minnesota Press
Wenger Foundation
Western Bank

Institutional Support

All Energy Solar
Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Foundation
Black Sheep Pizza
Coffee House Press
City of Minnneapolis
First Service Residential
Fredrikson & Byron
Graywolf Press
Guthrie Theater
Lerner Publishing
Milkweed Editions
Mill City Farmers Market
Minnesota Parent/ Good Age
MSR Design
Northern Coffeeworks
Elizabeth Quinlan Foundation
Rain Taxi



Thank You Members

Fiscal year 2018 (September 1, 2017–August 31, 2018)

Leadership Circle ($1,200 and above)

Tom and Marge Barrett & The Patrick and Alice Rogers Family Foundation
Phyllis and Christopher Dozier
Mary Dunnewold and Jeff Ondich
The Fletcher Family Foundation
Deb Fowler and John Schenk
Rehael Fund - Roger Hale/Nor Hall of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jennie Goloboy and Steve Sigmond
Mary Jarvis and Mike Meyer
David and Julie Jones
David Kilpatrick and Julie Schultz
John and Wende Kotouc
Lynn Langit
James and Susan Lenfestey
Pete and Bebe Magee
Chris Mahai
Margaret Todd Maitland
Walt McCarthy and Clara Ueland
Brigid McDonough
Eric Roberts and Laura Davis
Steve and Tamrah Schaller O'Neil
Beth Schoeppler and Todd Pierson
Elizabeth Schott
Ruth Shields and Michael Klingensmith
Grace Strangis
JoAnn Verburg and Jim Moore
Bill Voedisch and Laurie Carlson
Joanne Von Blon
Julia Wear-Jackson and Peter Wear
Warren Woessner and Iris Freeman
Margaret Wurtele

$250 - $1199

Carolyn Roby
Anonymous (6)
Mary and Keith Bednarowski
Julie Corty Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Earth and Quirks Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Constance and Daniel Kunin
Jerome and Hope McAllister
Sarah Stoesz and David Foster
Miriam Weinstein
Nancy Gaschott
Denise Emanuel Clemen
Phyllis Kahn
Richard Lentz
Syma and Jay Cohn
Dobby and Kathy Gibson
Art Kaemmer, M.D.
William and Kelsey McDonald
Linda Myers Shelton and Larry Shelton
Liz Petrangelo and Michael Lundeby
Rebecca Shavlik
Jorie and Keith Miller
Marilyn Mellor
Rodney and Diane Nelsestuen
Timothy O'Connor
Sue Crouse
Colleen Doran
Jack El-Hai
Angie Freshwater
Nancy Hanks
Walter and Mary Hovey
Amber James
Rosemarie Kelly Ndupuechi
Sarah Olson
Elizabeth Grace Pohlman
Kat Shepherd
Joseph Tachovsky
Britt Udesen
The Magnetti Family
Georgia Greeley
Richard Byrne
Jay and Page Cowles
Gail and Stuart Hanson
Deborah Keenan and Stephen Seidel
Mary McConnell
Susan and Scot Milchman
Ralph Moller
Thomas Murtha
Ruby A. Pediangco and Matt L. Shumway
Marly Rusoff and Mihai Radulescu
Dale Schatzlein and Emily Maltz Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Anne Simpson
Marcia Townley
Christine Winterkamp

In Honor and In Memorial Of Gifts

Anonymous in honor of CM Hoffman
Charles Birge in honor of Shannon Olson
The Chapman Family in honor of Elizabeth M. Ploog
Janet Hanafin in honor of Faith Sullivan
Jean Speilman Housh in honor of Faith Sullivan
The Gilberts in honor of Dave Swanson
Vivien Gorham in honor of Eville Gorham
Miriam Karmel in honor of Faith Sullivan
Constance and Daniel Kunin in honor of Faith Sullivan
Julia and Harold Richardson in honor of Beth Julia Mayer
Sherry Roberts in honor of Faith Sullivan
Mary Eileen Welsh in honor of Faith Sullivan
Ann Woodbeck in honor of Faith Sullivan

In Memory of Nicholas Janzen
Joan Bailey in memory of June Aanderud
Amy Dunn in memory of Jennifer Dunn
Lisa Gravelle in memory of Richard Falb
Shelley Maasch and Heather Wright at Lurie, LLP in memory of Barbara Ratner

$249 and below

Anonymous (302)
Fekade Abebe
Lynn Abrahamsen
Laurie Acker
Kent and Amanda Adams
Anna Adams
Ramona Advani
Agency Squid
Nancy Agneberg
Michael Ahlin
Lily Ahluwalia
Michelle Ahrens
Iyabo Angela Ajayi
Nigar Alam
Shari Albers
Brianna Albers
Jason Albert
Teresa Kay Albertson
Lindsey M. Albright
Denise Alden
Becky Aldridge
Ana Alexander
Deb Alexander
Ilga Alexander
Michelle Allen
John Allison
MaryJanice Alongi
Joan Amato Kisner
Elaine Ambrose
E Ambrozaitis
Fred Amram
Grace Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Dale Gregory Anderson
Amy H Anderson
Lindsey Anderson
Hallie Anderson
Cary Anderson
Margit Anderson
William J. Anderson
Sadie Anderson
Ingrid Anderson Sampo
Ronda Anderson-Sand
Leonard Andrew
Onaiza Ansar
Rebecca KS Ansari
Gretchen Anthony
John Anthony
Eva Apelqvist
Kristin Appel
Morgan Appleberry
Cami Applequist
Jean Archambeau
Robin Archer
Bruce Ario
Layce Arleth
John Armstrong
Anne Aronson
John Austrian
Heather Awad
Kate Awsumb
Tracy Babler
Barbara Bach
Adam Backstrom
Nina Badzin
Carol Bagnoli
Douglas M. and Carole M. Baker Giving Fund
Joy Baker
Alison Baker
Lauren Baker
Leah Baker
Cindy Bandur
Rosanne Bane and Claudia Bruber
Kay Banister Schaffer
Andrew Barnes
Jordan Barr
Dave Barrett
Kelly A Barrick
Patricia Barrier
Margot Barry
Janice Barta
Delma Bartelme
Dorothy Bass
Caroline Bassett
Patricia Bauer
BA Bauer
Holly Bayer
Heather Beatty
Daniel Beatty
Joan Bechtold and Brian Balleria
Maya Beck
Tom Beck
Ursula Becker
Kevin Beckman
Lyle Beckman
Eileen Beha
Glynn E. Behmen
Shelly Behr
Colleen Bell
Carol Bell
Jokeda Bell
Karen Bell-DeWitt
Karen Beltz
Megan Benedict
Patricia Benson
Betty Benson
Sam Benson
Rebecca Benstead
Emily Benz
Andrey Berezhanskiy
Heidi Berg
Rachel Berg Scherer, Midwest Writing and Editing
Vicki Berger Erwin
Roxanne Bergeron
Lisa Bergin
Mary E Berg
Arthur Berman
Maxine Berman
George and Angela Bernhardt
Dan Bernier
Gwyn Bertocki
Amy Bethke
James Bettendorf
Nancy Bezanson
Thomas Bezek
Amit Bhati
Jennifer Bicknell
Syed Ali Haider
William Bildsten
Regina Birchem
Zoë Bird
Susan Birdsey
Sara Biren
Aimee Bissonette and Aliza McKamey
Marilyn Bjerken
Bruce Bjork
Jim and Pat Blair
Peter W. Blair
Debra Blake
Beatrice Blanc
Faye Bland
Peter and Lucia Blau
Micki Blenkush
Peter Blewett
Alexandra Blixt
June Blumenson
Steven Blythe
Sarah Bober
Tammy Bobrowsky
Christina Boertje
Amy Boeser
John Parker-Der Boghossian
Kaitlyn Bohlin
Ed Bok Lee
Jean Boler
Lois Bollman
Jada Bolton
Jim Bonilla
Mary Bonner
James Borden
Martha Bordwell
Susan S. Boren
Heather Bouwman
Ralph Bovard
Ted Bowman
Elaine Boyer
John Boyt
Virginia and Larry Bradford
Susan Bradford
Anita L. Bradshaw
Jill Braithwaite
Sarah Brandel
Meredith Brandt
Kirstin Ruth Bratt
Sally J Bredehoft
Aviva Breen
Chris Bremer
Catherine Brennan
Judy Brenner, Member
Hui Brickner
Rachel Bridges
Joan Brinkman
Mary Britton
Huck Brock
Kathleen Brogan
Stephanie Brondani
Jean and Carl Brookins
Mary Brosnan
Iris Brossard
Sheila Broughton
Carolyn Brouillard
Ellen and Peter Brown
Stephanie Brown
Robert K. Brown
Randy Brown
Wendy Brown-Baez
Alvina Brueggemann
Alex Brumley
Philip and Carolyn Brunelle
Christine Brunkhorst
David Bruns
Crystal Brutlag
Scott Bryan
Cathlene Buchholz
Emilie Buchwald
Kate Buechler
Ute Buehler
Lisa Bullard
Frank Bures
Ruth Bures
HC Burg
Amelia Burgess
Marc Burgett
William Burleson
Laura Burnes
Terri Burnor
Elizabeth Burns
Colleen Burns Durda
Mary E Buss
Deanna Bussiere
Amy B. Butler
Ellie Byler
Regan Byrne Palmer
Dr. Karen Cadigan
Al Cady
Kathryn Cahill
Cathy Calabrese
Teresa Callies
Reed Cammarota
Linda Campbell and Fred Quirsfeld
Eimile Campbell
Amanda Campbell
Heather Candels
Candy Candyls
Ashley Carlin
Amy Carlsen
Gregg Carlsen
Nancy Carlson
Alyssa Carlson
Alan Carpenter
Elizabeth Carpenter
Barbara Carrane
Julia Carroll
Joseph and Alberta Carroll
Eric Carter and Neela Nandyal
Pamela Carter Joern
Christina Caruso
Lynn Casale
Rusty Caschetta
Cullen Case
Jean Casey
Dennis Cass and Liz Barrere
Shawn Cassidy
Lupe Castillo
Louisa Castner and Beth Kilburg
Margaret Catambay
Eric Caugh
Mark Ceilley
Celina McManus
Jane Cerhan
Marie Chan
Susan Chandler
J.A. Chant
Paula Chapman
Amanda Chavis
Fun Fun Cheng
Ting Ting Cheng and Eric Larson
Nichole Chesnut
Brenda Ching
Susan Chisholm
Sharon Chmielarz
Mimi Cho-Rohlfsen
Albert Choy
Jacey Choy
Rachel Christensen
Cynthia Christian
Gabrielle Civil
Merodie Clark
Scott and Marilyn Clark
Sarah Clark
Kristin Cleary
Jessica Clem
Andy Clipperton
Kathy Clock
Carolyn Cochrane
Stephen Cohen
Kolawole Coker
Audrey Colasanti
Karlyn Coleman
Amy Coletta-Harrison
Sarah Colleran
Amelia Colwell Reedy
Christina Conklin
Kate Furlong Conley
Megan Conley
Seth Conover
Alicia Conroy
Pamela Y Cook
Sam Cook
Jeanne Cooney
Lynn Cordova
Octavian Cornea
T M Costello
Rose Costello
Amy Coulombe
Jeanne Cowan
Nancy Cox
Nancy Cox
Gary and Shelly Cozine
Lynda Cramer
Mary Crawford
Catherine Creswell
Kayla Crider
Nancy Crocker
Mary Crosson
Abigail Crouse and Jonathan Schroeder
Rebecca Crowl
Jamie Crowson
Barbara Croxen
Patricia Cumbie and Sean Doyle
Lucinda Cummings
Tanner Curl and Emily Dussault
Ann Curoe
Kaye Curren, Author
Joanna Curry
Joe Curtis
Allyson Cygan
Heather Czywczynski
True Dabill
Carla Dahl
Urve Daigle
Piyali Dalal
Adam Dale
Candy Dalton
Peter Danbury
Beth Daniel
Krisanne Dattir
Beverly Davis
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TJ Davis
Janette Davis
Thomas F. Dawn
Kalee Dawson
Eugenie de Rosier
Hans-Peter de Ruiter
Emily Debol
David Dechant
Nicholas Deem
Brent Deere
Sanja deGarmo
Catherine Dehdashti
Tamara DeLand
Paige Dempsey
Kaitlyn Dennis
Laurie Dennis
Michael Dennis Browne
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Jan DeNoble
Jennifer DeVries
Elizabeth di Grazia
Bryan Dickerson
Elizabeth Dickinson
Lindsey Dickinson
Jennifer Sevlie Diederich
Christy Dietz
Daniel Dillon
Amy Dillon Holter
Carol Dines
Christine Dittel
Pallavi Dixit
Dara Dokas
Linda Dolan
Linda Donaldson
Suzanne Donsky
Beth and Kevin Dooley
Adam W. Dorris
Rebecca Dosch Brown
Danielle Dougherty
Sara Dovre Wudali
Layla Dowlatshahi and Christian Fitchett
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Hayley Doyle
Shannon E Doyle
Barbara Dozetos
Tiffany Dreher
Angela Dreis
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Laura Drew
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Matt DuToit
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Edward the Fifth, Inc.
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Virginia Garcia-Velez
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Daniel Gullman
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Tara Guy
Caroline Haas
Kelly Haataja
Christine Hackney
Christine Hackney
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Kathryn Hagen
Michele Hagen
Sandra Hager Eliason
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Tammarie Healy
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Lanee Lee
Marlee Leebrick-Stryker
Brian Leehan
Mary and Chuck Leer
Barry Lehman
Jamesine Leigh
Sally Leighninger
Bronson Lemer
LaWayne Leno
Lisa Leonard
Patty Lester
Cheryl Lewis
Jay Lichtsinn
Derek Liebertz
Kathryn Lien
Christine Lienke
Tyler Lifke
John and Margy Ligon
Lee Linderman
Catalina Lisson
Larry and Donna Litecky
Cherie Little
Emily Liu
Sophie Liu-Othmer
Robert Lloyd
Maria Lloyd
Local School Librarian
Riva Lofgren
Vicki Lofquist
Christie Logan
Mary Logue and Peter Hautman
Martiga Lohn
Carla Lomax
Jade Elisa Lomeli-Johnson
Damián López-de Jesús
Marie Loshbaugh
Brent Love
Elmer Lovrien
Kate Lucas
Gregory Luce
James Luger
J Lulich
Caliann Lum
Colette Lunday
Kelly Lundquist
Matthew Luskey
Louise Lystig Fritchie
Julie M
Joy M
Linda Mabbs
Lynne MacBean
Lorrie MacGillivray
Charlie Mack
Chris Mackenzie Jones and Dannah Baynton
Mark MacLennan
Cathy Madison
Mark Magnuson
Tasslyn Magnusson
Tom Mahoney
Katharine Malaga
Chris Malecek
Carol Malkinson
Darrell Maloney
Donna Malum
Keri Mangis
Rachael Manser
Joanne Manthe
Doug Marsh
Vivian Martin
Catherine Martin
Sara Martin
Elizabeth Martin
Evan Martinak
Mary Martinez
Kristie Martinez
Rhonda Martinson
Gayla Marty
Jodi Massey
Jay Mastrud
Lucy Mathews Heegaard
Marjorie Mathison Hance
Amy Matthews
Dana Mattice
Judith Mattison
Cori Mattli
Leslie Matton-Flynn
Matt Mauch
Tracy Maurer
Elissa Mautner
Beth Mayer
Michael S Mayer
Doug and Sally Mayfield
Megan Maynor
Rebecca Mayo
Denise Mayotte
Jillian Mazullo
Sara McAdory-Kim
Rodger McBride
Merne McCarron Halweg
Lisa Meyers McClintick
Mary McCluske
Scott McConnell
Mary K. McCormick
Nicole McCoy
Jody McCoy
Kristina McCubrey
Janet McCuistion
Amee McDonald
Holly Mcdonald
Lynda McDonnell
Jim McDougall
Janice McElroy
Sarah McFarland
Joey McGarvey
Alison and Doug McGhee
Jody McGinley
Lindsay McGlynn
MJ Mcgregor
Dan McGuiness
Erin McInerney
Ellen McInnis
Linda Back McKay
Bruce McKendry
Eric McKendry
Tracy McKibben
David and Kristine McKinney
Chelsey McKinney
Emily McLean
FT McNally
Chris McNeill
Maryann McNeill
Betsy McNerney
Heather and Edward McPherson
Ellen McVeigh
Sarah McVicar
Francisco Medrano
Kaitlin Meilert
Mindy Mejia
Kathy Melaas
Todd Melby
Katie Meline
Brenda Melius
Taylor Melius-Polzin
Larry Mellman
Annual Member
Diane Merrifield
Sonja Mertz
Matthew James Meyer
Roberta Meyers
Louise Meyerson
Myrna CG Mibus
Lisa Michaux
Terri Michels
Nancy Miedtke
Kasey Miklik
Susan Miles
Drew Miller
Mary Ann Miller
Kathy Miller
Lana Miller
Anna Min
Liz Minette
Rita and Richard Moe
Joshua Moehling
Jim Moen
Barbara Moffett
Tami Mohamed Brown
Kowsar Mohamud
Jennifer Moland-Kovash
DJJ Monahan
Carrie Monroe O'Keefe
Nicole Montana
Nannette Montgomery
Jalisa Moonstone
Yvonne Moore
Susan Moore
Cindy Morgan
W. B. Morgan
Maggie Morris-Gronlund
Garth Morrisette
Linda Morrison
Alison Morse
Tina Mortimer
Rachel Moritz
Diane Mountford
Paula Moyer
Mary Mueller
Heather Mueller
Rebecca Mueller
Ryan Mullin
Sandra Mumm
Tunie Munson-Benson
Katherine Murphy
B. Murphy
cb murphy
Ed Murphy
Mary Murray
Laura Musacchio
Colleen Muske
Paula Reed Nancarrow
Susan Narayan
Amy Nash
Stacy Nathan
Jennifer Naumann
J Michael Neal
Harmony Neal
Debra Neher
Janine Nelson
Becca Nelson
Clareyse Nelson
Sarah Nelson
Hyedi Nelson
Linda Nelson
lisa nelson
William Nemmers
Brian Nerney
Sandy Ness
Alyssa Ness
Cheryl Netka
Elizabeth Newberry
Beth Newkirk
Margie Rachel Newman
Rachel Newman
Blake Nhul
Lisa Nilles
Joy Nisell
Mark Nissen
Leah Noel
Dr. Jules Nolan
Shelley Norden
Nancy Nordenson
Laska Nygaard
Tatiana O
Pat O'Boyle
Suzanne O'Brien
Jeremy O'Brien
Laura and Patrick O'Connell
Maureen O'Connell
Brigid Mary O'Connor
Christine O'Connor
Beth Oconnor
Aidan O'Driscoll
Jason O'Keane
Jean O'Keefe
Mary Rose O'Reilley
Kelly O'Sullivan
Shelley Odendahl
Al Oertwig
Adrienne and Steve Oesterle
Noreen Oesterlein
Jim Offerman
Valerie Ohanian
Dixie Ohlander
Cindy Ojczyk
Bonnie Oldre
Elizabeth Olds
Nanci Olesen
Eugene Ollila

$249 and below (continued)

Marie Olofsdotter
Kristen Olsen
Alisha Olsen
Cheryl Olseth
gil olson
Matthew Olson
Shannon Olson
Sandra Olson
Kristine Olson
Katherine Olson
Sarah Olson
Carole and Joanna Olson
Jeanette Olson
Gordon Ommen
Kay Opitz Martin
Ruth Ormiston
Brett Ortler
Patty Ostrem
Lars Ostrom
Trisha Oteri
Shawn and Rebecca Otto
Bonnie Wilkins Overcott
Emmina Ozturk
Anne Pabst
Theodore J. Packwood
Amy Padden
Joe and Nancy Paddock
Ann Page
Lisa Pahl
Karen Painter
Becky Palapala
Debra Palmquist
Lizabeth Parendo
Hannah Parish
Sarah Park Dahlen
Michelle Parks
Kate Parry
Kurt Partridge
Justin Passaro
Susan Pastika
Sheetal Patel
Michele Patnaude
Michelle Patnaude-Hansen
Priscilla Paton
Casey Patrick
Victoria Patschke
Kelly Patterson
Mary Pattock
Jillian Paulsen
Kasey Payette
Yvonne Pearson
Peter Pearson and Kate Shuknecht
Robin Pearson
Marcia Peck
Sandy Peck-Garrity
Diane Pecoraro
Adela Peskorz
Margaret Peltier
Laura Peppin
Ralph Peralez
Paul Perea
Roseanne Pereira
Alejandro Perez
Alisha Perkins
Katy Perry and Andy Horstman
Alan Perry
Mo Perry
Victoria Petelin
Jessica Peterka
S. Peters
Julia Petersen
Kathleen Peterson
Forrest Peterson
Cherie Peterson
Gayle Peterson
Kevin Peterson
Heidi Peterson
Margaret Peterson
Heather Petri
Tong Pham
Carl Pheil
Thien-Bao Phi
Luther Philaya
Danielle Philippi
Brock Phillips
Ella Phillips
Kim Pilon
Judith Pinke
Stefanie Pinkney
Meghan Pipe and John Morrissey
Diane M. Pittman and Lawrence Krantz
Esther J Platt
Patricia Ploetz
Abbie Plouff
Sara Pohlad
Melissa Pohlman
Robert Pohlman
Julie Poling
Jeanine Pollard
Katie Polley
Judy Popham
Sean Popham
Elias Popham
Sarah Porisch
Mary Jean Port
Esther Porter
Danielle Porter Born
Ann Possis
Janice Post-White
Vijay Pothapragada and Satya Tata
Sara Poulos
Lisa Powell
Mary F Power
Nylce Prada Myers
Lauren Pradhan
Sarah Price Soucek
Lorraine Prindle
Julie Printz
Matt Prise
Heather Proctor
Brenna Proczko
Armaiti Prosch
Michele Provo
N. Puechner
Alexa Pulliam
Joe Pulliam
Bhargavi Puppala
Deidra Purvis
Grant Pylkas
Bailey Quam
Andrea Quanbeck
Elizabeth Quarles
Sarah Quimby
Jennifer Quinlan
Carol Quinn
Ann and Kevin Quiring
Bill Quist
Melinda Quivik
George Rabasa
Gini Rackner
Nancy Raeburn
Corinne Rajdl
Cynthia Ramsey
Kaitlin Randolph
Deborah Randolph
Stephanie Ratanas
Alisia Ray
Amy Rea
Elia T Read
Ronda Redmond
LaDonna Redmond
Renee R Reed
Karl Reichert
Rachel Reichstadt
Anna Liese Reid
Kelley Reierson
Philip R. Reinhardt
Erick Reinikka
Glennon Reitz
Maerin Renee
Jennifer Renkly
Susie Reynolds
Kevin Riach
Johanna Rian
Mark Richardson
Susan Richardson
Kearstin Richter Klow
Ann Ricketts
Samuel Ridenour
Paige Riehl
Joy Riggs
Judy Ring
Stacey Ringness
Mary Ringstad
Mary Riordan
Gregory Ripley
Debra Ripp
Sarah Risser
Antonio Risso
Christine Rittmann
Lia Rivamonte
Phil Riveness
Richard Robbins and Candace Black
Martha Roberts
Brenda Robertson
Bosco Robinson
Mary S. Robinson
Nancy Robinson
Megan Robinson
Jolene Roehlkepartain
Kenneth Roering
John Rogers
Eva Rogers
Mike Rollin and Laura Flynn
Theresa Ronnei
Steve Rood
Patricia Rorke
Ellie Roscher
Gail Rosenblum
Jennifer Rosenstiel
Natalie Rosinsky
Pauline Boss
Susan Rossi
Lucas Rossi
Christopher Rossow
Lindagail and Randy Roy
Carol Rucks
Barbara Rudnicki
Tim Rumsey
Susan Runholt
Karen Ryan
Claudia Ryan-Mosley
Cornelia S P
Anja S.
Candace Sabers
Kim and Tom Sabow
Heidi Saleh
Lin Salisbury
Donna Salli
Carol-Linnea Salmon
Meg Salvia
Vicki Samuelson
Rebecca Sanchez
Melanie Sanco-Gooch
Elise Sanders
Sarah Sandhu
Ashley Sandlin
Ann Sandstrom
Jimmy M. Santos
Mary Beth Sartor Obermeyer
Sheryl Saterstrom
Jaime Satko
Brian Satrom
Nihar Satsangi
Ellen Mary Saul
Adeline Saunders
Katherine Schaefer
Susan T Schaefer
Pat Schaffer
John Schaffner
Lauren Schaffran
Paul Schatz
Rachel Schenk
Annette Schiebout
Tom Schierholz
Mary Schirber
Dorothy Schlesselman
Barb Schlichting
Pamela Schmid
Lisa Schmidt
Lise Schmidt
Carole Schmidt
Heidi Schneider
Mary Schneider
Louis Schoen
Mary Ann Schoenberger
Dennis Schrader
Zachary Schroeder
Deb Schubbe
Daniel Schultz
Karen Schultz
Julie Schumacher and Lawrence Jacobs
Molly Schweinfurter
Laurie Schmid
Anne Scott
Laura Scroggs
Sophia Sears
Gail See
Mae Seely Sylvester
Mary Seifert
Harini Sekar Usha
Lily K Sell
Jayne Serfoss
Margaret Serich
Jessica Settergren
Gretchen Severin
Gayle Severson
Scott and Theresa Seys
Daniel Shafto
Janet Shannon
Donald B Shea
John Sheahan
Ames Sheldon
Samantha Sherratt
Hadiya Shire
Wally Shoults ,  President,  Scend Publishing
Scott and Carolyn Shrewsbury
Mary Sichak
Linda and Spencer Silver
Erin Sim and Tim Moore
Susan Simmons
Greg Simmons
Gail Simmons
Jane Simon
Joyce Simon
Carrie Simon
Lisa Simons
Susan Sink
Liz Sjaastad
Deborah Sjostrom
Chris Skarstad
Mary Skillings
Jolissa Skow
Lynn Slifer
Ellen Smilanich
Nell and Chris Smith
Erin Smith
Jill Smith
Thomas R. Smith
Tony Smith
Samuel Smith
Pamm Smith
Brian R. Smith
Cheryl Smoczyk
Aggie Smolecki
Robin Smothers
Shana Sniffen
Sue Snyder Austin
Justin Sobanski
Melody Soderberg
Roberta Soderberg
Karen Soderberg
John Sokalski and Cheryl Laurent
Carolyn Solares
Samantha Solberg
Nancy Solhaug
Andre Sólo
Susan Solterman Audette
Don Sommers and Brad Shark
Julie Sonnek
J. Sorenson
Sheryl Sostarich
Jennifer Soto
Fredrick Soukup
Kristen Spargo
Francis Sparks
Alicen Spaulding
Elisabeth Speckhard
Amelia Speight
Annette Spencer
Susan Spindler
Leslyn Amthor Spinelli
Mary Kaye Springer
Mary Grace St. Claire
Kate St. Vincent Vogl
Ronald E. Staff and Paula Staff
Rosanna Staffa
Danielle Staley
Andrew Standal
Therese Stanton
Kerry Stapley
Terri Starkey
Nanette Stearns
Lisa Stearns Smith
Jeanne Steele
Emily Steffel Barbero
Susan Steger Welsh
Erik Stegman
Lori Stein
Jacob Steinbauer
Kris Sterling
Patrick Stevens
Sharon Stevens
Lindsey Strickler
Jake Stimmel
Walter Stobaugh
Andrew Stohler
Richard B. Stokke
Terral Stoltz
Jack Stoltzfus
Debra Stone
Susan Stone
Amber D. Stoner
Nikki Storebo
Kirsten Strand-Young
Patricia Strandness
Eileen Strejc
Lauren Stringer and Matthew Smith
Jan Strootman
Sandra Stryker
Susan Stuart
Brett Stursa
Georgia Sue
Read Sulik
Faith and Daniel Sullivan
Amy Sullivan
Charlotte Sullivan
Cynthia Surrisi
M. C. Surrisi
Graham Sutherland
Molly Sutton Kiefer
Suzula Bidon
Susan Marie Swanson
Dale Swanson
Hannah Swanson
Jim Swearingen
Stacy Carroll Swearingen
Vicky Swedenburg
Kathy Sweetman
Sandy Tanck
Sarah Tasz
Manfred Tatzmann
Avery Taylor
Mark Teats
PJ Teesdale
Terrie TenEyck
Jennifer Terbeest
Brandon Terrell
Phyu-Sin Than
The Foolish Know It All
The Freya Project
The Poetry Rag
Kevin Theissen
Jessica Theroux
Alison Thomas
Drew Thomes
Kathy Thomforde
Betsy Thompson and Stephen Rossow
Jonathan Thompson
Kara Thom
Mary Jo Thompson
Mary Thompson
Ricki Thompson
Nancy Thompson Ulvestad
Dexter Thue
Bridget Thuemmel
Kate Thulin
Quinn Tierney
Kendra Tillberry
Tavia Tindall
Alivia Tison
Carissa Tobin and Alex Haley
Marjorie Toensing
Kim-Anh Tong
Karen Touchi-Peters
Stella Townsend
Mary Townsend
TJ Toyen
Ann Trapnell
Cheri Trench
Elizabeth Trevathan
Gail Trowbridge
Jacquie Trudeau
Trent True
Paul and Judith Trump
Donna Pols Trump
Nick Tseffos
Paul Tuckner
Bill Tuomala
Alan Turkus
Leah Turner
Joel Turnipseed
JL Turnuist
Dr. Patience Turtoe-Sanders
Diane Twedell
Molly Tynjala
Whitney Ulvestad
Heidi Unglaub
Paul and Wendy Unglaub
Bill Upjohn
Catherine Urdahl
Kari Vacura
Layne Van Boxtel
Michelle Van Engen
Julia A. Van Etton
Michelle van Kuijk and Arnout van Kuijk
Emily Vanda
Linda Varvel
Courtney Vasile
Christopher R. Vaughan
Fran Vavrus
Meg Elaine Veitenheimer
John Velie
Shirley Venard
Elizabeth Verdick
Steve Vetter
Douglas Victoria
Emily Vieweg
Jody Virnig
Candy Vittorini
Kristine Vlaich
Geraldine Voci
Dan Vogel
Alice Vollmar
Kristine Volovsek
Paul Von Drasek
Thomas Vonhof
Maria Vorhis
Mike Vraa
Amy W
Jessie Wade
Marcia Wahl
Diane J Wahlstrom
Jessica Wahlstrom
Nancy Walden
David and Kathy Waldschmidt
David Waldschmidt
Mary Walerak
Janet Walker
Marg Walker
Judith (Judy) Walker
Tricia Wallace
Jon Wallace
Julia Wallace and Mireille Copeland
Margaret Wallenfriedman
Mary Walus
Haiyun Wang
Toy Ward
Katie Ware
Susan G Warner
Sarah Warren
Pam Warren
Rahma Warsame
Beatrice Wartchow
Cary Waterman
Roger Watts
Carol Watzke
Susan Weaver
Patricia Weaver Francisco
Jacob Weber
Anne Weber-Smith
Claudette  Webster
Samuel Weegman
Elizabeth Wehrwein
Maryann Weidt
Susan Weinberg
Sara Weingartner
Holly Weinkauf
Meyer Weinshel
Will Weisert
Ben Weisner
Andrea Weiss
Laura Weld
David John Wellman
Alfred Wellnitz
Kristin Weninger
Anthony Wentersdorf
Brianna Werket
Jackie Werket
Patrick Werle
Erin West
Kathleen West
Lois West Duffy
Peggy Westerlund
Penny Westfall
Hans and Jen Weyandt
Chris Weyandt
Judith Weyl
Jill Wheeler
Nora Whelan
David E. Whitaker
Denise White
Collier White
Erin White
Pamela Whitfield
Nancy Whitley
Mariah Whurr
Jessa Wicklund
Jessica Wicks
Jessica Wicks
Olivia Wickstrom
Jennifer Widman
Carole R Wiederhorn
Stephen and Debbie Wilbers
Elizabeth Wilder
Troy E. Wilderson
Barb Wildes
Frank Wilkinson
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Brenda Willette Anderson
Jacqueline Williams
Mary Williams
Cole Williams
Lani Willis and Joel Spoonheim
Jennifer Willoughby and Kurt Gegenhuber
Morgan Grayce Willow
Elizabeth Wilson
Diane Wilson and Jim Denomie
Laura L Wilson
Laura Wilson and Thomas Whitesel
Mary Winstead
Lauri Winters
Leanne Wirkkula
Margaret Wirth-Johnson
Amy Wodarski
Candee Wolf
Joan Wolf
Kris Woll
Susan Wolter Nettell
Stanton Wood
Ann Woodbeck
David Woodruff
Thomas Woodward
Dennis and Celene Woolley
Melissa Wray
Joseph and Elisa Wright
Samuel Wroge
Elise Wrolstad
Tamara Wudinich
Star E. Wuerdemann
Rebecca Wurtz
Erik Wyse
Cinda Yager
Kathy Yakal
Rachel  Yang
T. Young
Vicki Young
Tracy Youngblom
Kateryna Yurchuk
Kathy Zappa
Darci Zblewski
Mandy Zechmeister
Joe Zeigler
Heather Zenzen
Evie Zeruhn
Pauline Zidlick
Ina Ziegler
Pamela Zimba
Carita Zimmerman