Allie Rigby

Allie Rigby is a San Francisco Bay Area poet and outdoor educator with roots in the chaparral suburbs of southern California. In 2020, Allie was granted a Literary Arts Residency through the Shuffle Collective, which further inspired her to pursue her MA in creative writing at San Francisco State University. Her writing is published in the Manzano Mountain Review, Parenthesis, PostScript Magazine, Cholla Needles, Visitant, Living on Earth Radio, and more. In any workshop, Allie enters the space as both the student and the teacher. It's important to her to offer a space that is welcoming, warm, and stimulating. Allie loves when people lose track of time during workshops because they are so immersed in each other's work, dialogue, and ideas. If you’re looking to expand your craft, play with prompts, and be introduced to a variety of poets and authors, Allie’s classes may be a great fit.