Anitra Budd

Anitra Budd is a freelance copywriter, editor, and educator. Her current and past clients include independent authors, Coffee House Press, Red Line Editorial, FedEx, the Loft Literary Center, Thrivent Financial, Wise Ink, the Mayo Clinic, and 3M. In her past role as acquiring and managing editor at Coffee House Press, she worked with a number of authors, including Kirsten Kaschock, T. Geronimo Johnson, Ron Padgett, and Lincoln Michel. In addition to her writing and editorial work, Budd has taught courses on editing and publishing at the University of Minnesota, Macalester College, and in the Sierra Nevada College creative writing MFA program. She has also served as a finalist judge for the Minnesota state Poetry Out Loud competition and the Minnesota Book Awards.

Budd currently sits on the board of the Quatrefoil Library and the advisory board for the Normal School Nonfiction Series. Her most recent book is Blacks in Paris: African American Culture in Europe, coauthored with Duchess Harris, Ph.D., as part of the Freedom's Promise series (Core Library, 2018).