Josh Cook

Josh Cook is a dorky dad, fiction writer, editor, occasional critic/essayist, and closet poet. (Aren’t we all?) Before his MFA in fiction at Pacific University, he worked a variety of jobs, from janitor to restaurant manager to substandard guitar instructor. (He plays by ear.) His prose has appeared or is forthcoming in literary journals, magazines, and newspapers around the country, including the Virginia Quarterly Review, The Washington Post, the Iowa Review, the Millions, the Rumpus, Sugar House Review, and Rain Taxi Review of Books, among others. He’s a regular contributor to the The Minneapolis-Star Tribune and The Growler Magazine. Once upon a time, he was the editor-at-large of Thirty-Two Magazine. He lives in Saint Paul with his wife and daughter and their shar pei-beagle named Fred. (Did he mention that he likes parentheticals?)