Madeleine Vasaly

Madeleine Vasaly has been editing since 2011, including copyediting, developmental work, proofreading, and other parts of the editorial process. She worked in-house at a commercial book publisher for five years before leaving in 2017 to launch a full-time freelance business, and she has been the senior editor and joint head of local online magazine Twin Cities Geek since its launch in 2015. She has edited a wide range of content, from short articles to books of 150,000-plus words; from polished manuscripts needing a quick proofread to problem projects requiring extensive work; and from casual online pieces to formal history books. Her freelance clients include publishers, book packagers, and self-publishing authors. Madeleine is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and the Denver Publishing Institute. She has been a speaker for the Minnesota Book Publishers' Roundtable, the Professional Editors Network, and CONvergence and a finalist judge for the Minnesota Book Awards.