Megan Thompson

Megan started in publishing in 2002, working closely with President Bill Clinton in his Harlem office as a researcher and fact checker on his memoirs, My Life. She then joined LJK Literary Management, LLC in 2005. She worked at LJK for six years, becoming a senior agent in only 2 years, before founding her own agency with Susanna Einstein, the Einstein Thompson Agency. After three successful years at ETA, Meg decided to launch her own agency, Thompson Literary LLC. Her clients include #1 NY Times bestselling cookbook author Lisa Leake of 100 Days of Real Food, NY Times bestsellers Ken Denmead, Kelle Hampton, Tom Hart, and Jeremy Rifkin, NY Times and New Yorker essayist Tim Kreider, New York Times bestseller Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown, Daily Rituals author Mason Currey, adventure reporter and Ghost Wave author Chris Dixon, caterer to the stars Mary Giuliani, author of the Gypset series and NY Times Style reporter Julia Chaplin, James Beard Award-winner Alan Tardi, New Yorker cartoonist and essayist Emily Flake, designer Ayse Birsel, Octopus! author, NPR, and Scientific America journalist Katherine Harmon Courage, Missy LeHand biographer Kathryn Smith, memoirist and women's rights activist Maria Toorpakai, and President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, among others.

Seeking: She is interested in biography, memoir, music, popular science, politics, internet-to-book projects, cookbooks, sports, health and wellness, spirituality, fashion, art, popular culture, and anything that advances our cultural and social dialogue to a more elevated level.