Susie Shubert

Minneapolis resident Susie Shubert combines her unique modalities as a certified life coach, published author, presenter, and tarot advisor to inspire and assist fellow writers to bring their personal magic to the page. One of her favorite things is being in a room full of creative minds, connecting and sharing ah-ha moments. She is the author of The Badass Planner from Pomegranate Publishing, with forthcoming works The Lord of Trivia calendar and Little House Life Hacks from Sellers and Running Press, respectively. A proud graduate of the school of rock, Susie often blogs, tweets, and posts about her love of the tarot as a self-development tool, Pa Ingalls’ prolific tears, and her obsession with all things The Lord of the Rings. She would love to have you as part of her Fellowship on Twitter (@SusieShubert), Instagram (susie_shubert), and her website,