Excellence in Teaching Fellowships

The Loft Literary Center and the Madeline Island School for the Arts (MISA) invite nominations for the 2024 Excellence in Teaching Fellowship. The nomination form can be found here

Four fellows will be awarded one week at MISA to work on a writing project of their choice. MISA is one of the nation’s premier art and craft schools and is located on a uniquely restored Wisconsin dairy farm on Lake Superior’s Madeline Island, one of the Apostle Islands. The beauty of the natural environment, with its quaint village atmosphere, provides the perfect setting for writers to work on their craft.

Fellowships include space to write in single-occupancy lodging, on-site meals, and $25 per diem for off-site dinners. Anyone who has taught from Summer 2023 to Winter/Spring 2024 is eligible. All recipients will be awarded a week-long residency during either the week of June 29 through July 6, or August 31 through September 7, 2024. Recipients will be able to choose either week according to whichever works best for their schedule. There is some flexibility in term of arrival and departure dates, but all residencies must take place within the approximate time frames listed below: 

July 2024 Term:

  • Earliest Arrival – Saturday, June 29 anytime after 3pm
  • Latest Departure – Saturday, July 6 anytime before 10am

September 2024 Term:

  • Earliest Arrival – Saturday, August 31 anytime after 3pm
  • Latest Departure – Saturday, September 7 anytime before 10am

Nominees may select which date they prefer; however, we cannot guarantee a preferred date. If a nominee is unable to accept a fellowship during the provided dates, an alternate recipient will be awarded the fellowship. Fellowships may not be deferred to the following year. Acceptance of the fellowship is the equivalent of acceptance of these terms.

If you are a Loft teaching artist, encourage your students to nominate fellow teaching artists you feel deserve this award and, yes, that means you can nominate yourself! Nominations will be accepted through 5 p.m. on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Nominees will be notified within the first week of May. This time is approximate and subject to change. We appreciate your patience!