Can I Read at the Loft?

Our Signature Events

The Loft hosts and sponsors events associated with our core programs and goals.

The Loft is excited to present Wordplay. Each year, Wordplay opens a window for authors to apply to take part. Learn more here.

The Loft is focused on producing linked classes and events around themes. We plan these events about 4-6 months in advance and they are typically conversations around topics related to the themes and involve multiple authors or experts. Please review our themes page and let us know if you have a good idea for an upcoming theme event.

Each class term (fall, winter, summer), the Loft Education department offers a reading for students in adult and youth classes.

The Loft also schedules readings throughout the year for current participants in the following programs:

The Loft also frequently collaborates with other literary nonprofits to produce events.

Other Ways We Can Help Promote Your Book

If you have a new book published and are on tour or interested in doing a publication launch, congratulations! The Loft does not have the ability to accommodate the number of book launch requests we receive. Here are other ways in which we can help you celebrate your new book:

We also recommend contacting the following fine bookstores and venues to see if they can accommodate you:

Children’s Books

Spaces at the Loft and Open Book

The Target Performance Hall (across from the Loft office) is a shared-use facility. The Loft does not control its schedule. It is managed by the independent nonprofit Open Book. Open Book is home to three independent nonprofit organizations—Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Milkweed Editions, and the Loft. All of these organizations rent their space from Open Book. For more information on Open Book, visit

Because the Loft doesn't control the performance hall schedule, dates may appear as “open” on the Loft’s calendar, but that does not mean the performance hall is available. Often it is being used by another tenant of Open Book, or it has been rented out by other organizations or individuals. Open Book is a beautiful community resource and we are proud to play a role in keeping it sustainable.

Authors or publishers may rent the Target Performance Hall through the Open Book general manager. If you are interested in doing so, please send a query to Joe Skifter, general manager of Open Book ( Note that frequently, promotional materials for such readings incorrectly list them as taking place at the Loft, rather than at Open Book. While these events take place at Open Book, the Loft is not actually involved in the curation, promotion, or production of these events.

In addition to the performance hall, Open Book also rents small meeting rooms.