Manuscript Critique
Michael Gorrie—Screenwriting & Treatment Critique

Open to: Short or Feature-length Screenplays and Plays

Limit: Please email [email protected] for scripts that are more than 150 pages

What You’ll Submit: Your script of a screenplay or play up to 150 pages or a treatment/plot synopsis for your script up to 10 pages.  

What You’ll Get: With each script Michael will focus on a collection of things within your story, from character, to theme, along with having a proper antagonist and sufficient conflict that drives the story forward. With each script Michael will also address the overall structure along with character arcs.

Depending on the length of each script, writers should expect around 1-2 pages of notes on shorts and 3-4 pages on full-length scripts of 90-120 pages.

Michael has been writing and producing films for over 15 years. In that time he has helped fellow filmmakers and writers develop their work through the various phases of filmmaking, from screenwriting, to directing, to producing and even editing.  Because of this experience, he has a unique viewpoint to offer given that he’s seen many films go through many phases of production.

Treatment Services:  Michael will review your 10-page treatment or synopsis of your story. He will work with you to improve your characters, plot and theme.

Writers are also encouraged to follow up on their notes with either an email or 15-minute phone consultation.

Pricing: Loft screenplay critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per page fee. You can enter your page count below and the system will calculate your price. 

  • $50 (base price) + $3.5/page

Michael also offers the service of reviewing your 10-page screenplay treatment: $210


  • Screenplay or Play Notes (Up to 150 pages): 2 weeks

  • Short Screenplay or Play Notes (Up to 40 pages): 1 week

  • Treatment Notes (Up to 10 pages): 2 weeks