Manuscript Critique
Payal Doshi—Query Letter, Synopsis, First 50 Pages (Middle Grade/YA)

Open to Query Letter, Synopsis Critiques, & Critique of the first 50 pages (YA/MG)

Limit For Synopsis Critiques max 1000 words, For the First 50 pages max 15,000

What You'll Submit: Depends, but either your query, synopsis, or first 50 pages

What You'll Receive
Query Letter Critique: (Young Adult/Middle Grade) You’ve finally finished polishing your manuscript and you’re ready to enter the query trenches. The best, most effective tool you have to gain an agent’s attention is your query letter. As a traditionally published author, I can help you structure, edit, and proofread your query letter to best represent you and your work.

Synopsis Critique: (Young Adult/Middle Grade) Writing a book synopsis can be tedious, but many agents require one to be sent as part of their submission guidelines. Since queries sent to agents include only a sample of your manuscript, a well-written synopsis can greatly increase your chances of getting an agent. Using my skillset as an author, I will suggest ways to improve the narrative flow, structure, plot, readability, word choice, and grammar of your synopsis.

First 50 Pages: (Young Adult/Middle Grade) The opening chapters of a book are what draw a reader in. Most times, the opening chapter or the first 50 pages are requested by agents as part of their submission guidelines. The beginning of your novel must set the stage, effectively introduce the characters, tease the plot, and generate a page-turning interest. In your sample, I will look for pacing, narrative flow, dialogue, plot, and tension. I will also make line edits with respect to grammar and word choice. As a BIPOC author (I’m South Asian), I will review your sample from the lens of authenticity in representation (if it features in your work) and will offer feedback.

The critique will include a conversation (up to 1 hour) regarding the work, to be held over the phone or on Zoom/Google Meet. You will also receive a 2-page letter offering my comments and highlighting the strengths in the writing as well as suggestions for revision.

Pricing: $120 for query letters; $200 for Synopses; $300 + $0.02/word for First 50 Pages