Manuscript Critique
Sun Yung Shin—Poetry & Prose Critiques

Open to: Poetry, prose, anthology projects

Limit: For poetry, please check on projects more than 80 pages, for prose up to 120,000 words.

What You’ll Submit: For poetry, collections of poems from 20 pages to full manuscript of 80 pages. For nonfiction, up to 120,000 words, for an anthology project, please submit a proposal or outline of your project.

What You’ll Get: Substantive edits and suggestions attentive to your vision and voice. Sun Yung loves working with other writers on their work. This includes illuminating strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement throughout the manuscript in terms of overall structure and form as well as details of syntax, imagery, figurative language, pacing, musicality, tone, description, characterization, conflict, and more. You will also receive a one-hour one-on-one meeting in-person or over the phone to further discuss your project, revisions, goals, etc.

Pricing: Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word or page fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price.

  • $200 (base price) + $18/page (Poetry)
  • $200 (base price) + $0.05/word (Prose)


  • Prose up to 10,000 words: two weeks
  • Prose up to 40,000 words: three weeks
  • Prose up to 80,000 words: four weeks
  • Prose up to 120,000 words: six weeks