Loft COVID Protocols for Programming

As of September 2022, Open Book is open to the public, and the Loft will be offering a limited number of in-person classes and events at Open Book with limited capacity (meaning, your classes will have a lower maximum number of students allowed). 

In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, we’re asking our community to follow the policies and protocols below while participating in any Loft in-person classes or events. Please note, these COVID-19 policies and guidelines may evolve as local, state, or federal guidelines change. We will be monitoring the community risk levels for COVID using the Minneapolis Metro Area compilation which can be found here. Should the risk level become high, we will reinstate a mandatory mask requirement for in-person classes and events. 

Disclaimer and assumption of risk: While the Loft is taking precautions, there can be no guarantee that you will not contract the COVID-19 virus during your participation in any in-person programming. You are responsible for the observance of health and safety practices recommended by public health authorities, including wearing a face covering at all times. 

By participating in in-person programming, you agree not to come to Open Book should you: (a) have any COVID-19 symptoms or (b) have had a positive COVID-19 test in the past 14 days. 

For All In-Person Loft Classes & Events

Classes and COVID-19: We are excited to get back to the joy of in-person community, writing and learning! While it is our intent to hold in-person classes and events in 2022, we are prepared to hold our planned in-person programs, including Loft classes, virtually/online if COVID-19 guidelines evolve and it becomes unsafe to meet in person. Students who register for in-person activities should bear this in mind.

The Loft strongly recommends that every class participant has access to high speed internet; updated software; and a working, reliable computer with video and speaker features. Please consider this as you decide if registering for a Loft class is right for you in 2022. Unfortunately the Loft is not able to provide students with computers or other learning technology.

Vaccinations: While vaccinations have helped reduce the severity of COVID-19, since they haven't been as effective in reducing transmission, we no longer require proof of vaccination to participate in Loft in-person programming. 

Masks: Masks are the best proven way to reduce COVID-19 transmission, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. We highly encourage masking throughout Open Book, including classroom and event spaces. Some individual events or classes may require masking and will be clearly marked. If an event or class requires masking, please wear appropriate face coverings in order to keep everyone in the Loft community safe: a mask that covers both the nose and mouth and is secured around the face. We highly recommend that participants wear KN95 or N95 masks. Face shields may be worn in addition to a mask, but not in place of. Bandanas, gators, and masks with vents are not acceptable forms.  

Food and drinks: No food or drink in the performance hall during events. 

Physical distance: Please be respectful and mindful of the people around you. When possible, maintain a minimum of six feet between you and the person next to you, unless you are part of the same party. 

Capacity and registration: As we navigate this step back to in-person events, we will be limiting event capacity to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all attendees and presenters. We strongly suggest registering via our website, but if you are unable to sign up online, please call the Loft, Tuesday–Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., to register. 

Considerations Before Attending Events and/or Classes

Are you feeling well? If you feel ill or have a temperature over 100.0, please stay home. If you’re part of an in-person class, teaching artists are willing to share information that was discussed and handouts that were distributed if you are unable to attend classes due to COVID-related symptoms (or any illness).

Clean hands: Wash your hands frequently. Bathrooms with sinks and soap are on every floor in Open Book, and hand sanitizer is available in every classroom.

Capacity: Be aware that capacity limits apply to all rooms and classrooms. Capacity limits will be posted outside of each room, and you may have to wait outside of a room for a short period of time. Your classes may feel smaller than usual due to lower maximums.

Local guidelines: We will follow state and local guidelines regarding masking and gathering. If gathering restrictions are put in place by local authorities, all in-person programming will migrate to virtual programming, and all registrations will transfer accordingly. If masking guidelines change, we will follow those guidelines as well. 

For information on Minnesota COVID-19 vaccinations, proof of vaccination, and Minnesota laws regarding proof of vaccination, please see the Minnesota Department of Public Health website here.