Loft Programming Through August 31, 2020

No classes will take place in Loft physical spaces now through August 31, 2020. We still intend to hold fall classes, and we hope to be able to offer in-person classes then, but we will continue to assess and inform as more health and safety information comes to us. Adult classes will be released on a rolling basis each month on our website. All youth classes are currently available on our website. Classes listed in our summer youth print catalog will be taking place virtually at the times listed.

What does this mean for adult classes that would traditionally take place in-person? 

All adult in-person classes taking place during the Loft's spring and summer terms—now through August 31, 2020—will move to live meetings in virtual spaces using Zoom, with some also using Google Classroom as a learning enhancement. Students will need to have, or create, a Gmail account in order to access Google Classroom and the supplemental class materials posted there. Each class will be assigned a Loft staff member as “classroom host” to help with questions or issues that may arise with having classes online. It is also likely that classes will develop their own email listservs, but that will be up to the teaching artist's discretion.

What does this mean for classes that were originally scheduled to take place online? 

The Loft has been offering online classes since 2011 using an online learning platform (called Moodle) that does not typically include live video conference meetings and allows students to login any time during the week to participate. Classes with this format will continue as planned. Classes that were originally proposed as in-person classes will have live meetings using video conferencing via Zoom through the summer of 2020, some enhanced by Google Classroom. "Online-flex schedule" means you can take the class on your own schedule on the learning portal. "Online-live" are classes offered in real time with live video conference meetings.

What does this mean for summer youth classes?

Most summer youth classes through August 31 will be moving forward virtually using a variety of virtual platforms depending on the age group and specific needs of the class. 

More information has been sent directly to parents who already have children currently registered for summer classes. If you are interested in registering your child for our virtual summer youth classes, they are available on our website. You can complete registration online or by calling the education line at 612-379-8999. Most classes will take place using a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom. Students will need to have, or create, a Gmail account in order to access Google Classroom and the supplemental class materials posted there. More detailed information about online summer youth classes, including how to access them, will be provided in confirmation emails once registered. 

Limited scholarships are still available. To request a scholarship for your child, please contact the education department at or 612-379-8999

While we would love to gather in person this summer, we're excited to have the opportunity to connect with each other as we read, write, and share our stories! Whether you're interested in writing your own fantasy series, creating a graphic novel, or performing your own poetry, we have something for you! Check out our full list of youth classes here.

What does this mean for program participants? 

If you are a current Mentor Series or Mirrors and Windows participant or a McKnight Fellow, you should have heard from us by now regarding online programs, postponements,and reschedules. 

What does this mean for upcoming events? 

We have been reaching out to artists and program partners about our events and are approaching each on a case-by-case basis. Some events will be moved to an online experience. Some will be rescheduled for the fall. However, because we do not have a clear idea on how long or to what extent shelter in place will last, we do not have many dates set for the fall yet. Please continue to check our website and social media for updates.

What does this mean for the Book Club Room? 

The availability of the Book Club Room will be determined by the directions coming from the Governor’s Office in regard to group meetings. While the stay-at-home orders are in place, the Book Club Room is closed to the public.

What does this mean for open groups? 

No open groups are currently meeting at Open Book, though some are still meeting virtually. Check with your group facilitator to find out more information.

Next steps

We do not make this decision lightly. This is a monumental financial decision for the Loft, but we believe the safety of our constituents, staff, and teaching artists is most important, and we ask for your patience, participation, and ideas. Our intention is to work with you through this crisis step-by-step. We'll be figuring things out together, but we think we can do it and make it as positive an experience as possible in less than ideal conditions. If you have questions, please contact us at 612-215-2575 or 612-379-8999 or contact us at

If you’d like to become a member or renew your support, we need your membership now more than ever.