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The Loft has a number of resources, both in our home at Open Book and online. 

At Open Book—Did you know the Loft provides a Book Club Room, Resource Library, and multiple, private Writer's Studios? Learn how you can access these resources!

Online—The Loft wants to help connect you to literary communities online. We provide a list of national literary organizations, Minnesota publishers, and Minnesota literacy organizations. We also provide a free, literary classifieds section called Community Postings. 

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Springboard for the Arts Emergency Relief Fund -- The Fund helps to support artists with personal emergencies and support artists who want to respond to emergencies in their own communities. 


COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources -- List of free resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines. 


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits -- Curated list of resources from webinars to the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund.


Minnesota Citizens for the Arts -- Compiled resources for artists, arts grantees, arts organizations, and arts educators.


Grantmakers in the Arts -- Resources, articles, emergency funds, and information hubs for arts communities across the United States. 


Public Art Saint Paul -- List of resources for Twin Cities/Minnesotan artists and more general emergency relief aid.  


Americans for the Arts -- Nation-wide and regional resources, articles, and relief funds for artists across a wide variety of mediums.


Also from Americans for the Arts: What those in the position to do so can do to support their local arts communities: https://www.americansforthearts.org/news-room/americans-for-the-arts-news/funder-here-are-7-things-you-can-do-to-support-your-arts-community

Howlround Theater Commons -- Video outlining financial strategies for freelance artists during this time.