Debut novel by Jack B. Riedel, is now available!

Jack Riedel
February 16, 2021

The Worthy the Wise and the Wicked, The debut novel by Jack B. Riedel, is now available!

Edina born and raised author, Jack B. Riedel, has completed his debut novel which is now available for sale through Entitled 'The Worthy the Wise and the Wicked' and written throughout 2020, it’s a classic tale of good versus evil.

Genre(s) and time period: Fiction, Adventure; loosely set in early medieval (or Renaissance) Europe.

Synopsis: Mason Ross and his cousin, Winter, learn their homeland and its people are the targets of a megalomaniac, his mysterious council, and the mighty Greyguard. Meet a cast of fascinating characters on a journey through a land of music and mystery to find out if evil or good will prevail.

Where to buy: Available on Amazon in paperback and eBook (Kindle, Apple and Android devices)

Jack B. Riedel