Diversity Book Club

Alise Secor
June 23, 2020

I'm talking to you, all book lovers, knowledge seekers, activists, and friends!

I want to join (or start) a book club focused on INCLUSIVITY, ANTI-RACISM, LGBTQIA and BIPOC VOICES, and all other types of diversity. This book club is to continue the important education of the prevalence of white supremacy in America, the unjust oppression of many different communities in our country, and to RAISE UP the beautiful voices of these communities. 

I'm interested in discussing these topics and dissecting writing with a diverse group of people. We need multiple perspectives!

Each month we can submit book options and collectively vote on the next book. 

Please message me if you want to join or know of a book club I can join! 

Thank you! 

Alise Secor