Family History Biography writer needed

October 6, 2020

I am the project manager for a Family History Story book.  The story spans several generations.  Each page of the Story Book has a theme and a focus and needs about 500-1000 of story.  Overall I expect the story to be about 25-40,000 words over 30-45 pages.  This will be a large format book with each page having a number of photos, maps, or ephemera to go along with the story.   I have done extensive research on each subject and page.  I wish I could do this work myself, but I have found that I am not a writer and need professional help.  My time frame is fairly tight.  I need to get started as soon as possible with a deadline for completion in 3-6 months.  If all works well, there is a second project of identical scope in the pipeline.  This family history book is not for the public but for family use.