The Gaia Fenna Memorial Fellowship

Tom Bezek
November 9, 2018

Tofte Lake Center (TLC) will host its fifth annual weeklong artist retreat for a Minnesota artist who exemplifies the spirit, passions, and values of artist and nature lover Gaia Fenna. In 2019, this will be the week of September 16–22.

For Gaia, physical activity and art were a means of self-expression, self-definition—in her DNA. At Tofte Lake Center, Gaia’s love of art and nature were perfectly combined. Surrounded by the beauty of this location, she spent many memorable days and nights creating all forms of art. She took time each day to commune with her spirit by hiking, biking, and kayaking. She has left her fingerprints all over TLC, touching both the people and property, as well as the world around her.

More details on the website, deadline to apply is November 30, 2018.