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Anne Rego
November 19, 2020

Our streets from Portland to Park Avenue are exploding since the death of George Floyd and others.  What do you make of it?  


Hi, I'm Anne writing to you from A Word with You Press.


Do you believe, as we do, "Evil exists in the world because people are not able to tell their stories" ?(Carl Jung)


Let's flip that around: Virtue and goodness prevail when people are able to tell their stories.


We want everyone who never had to fight for a place at the table and those most impacted by overt or unintentional racism to come forward now, while America is still listening.  Send us your stories, poems and essays to be included in our anthology on race and reconciliation: "Essential Americans: the Stories that can no longer be Ignored."  Find details here:  We'll publish your stories online as we have since 2009, and if your entry is selected for our printed anthology, we'll Paypal you a $25 honorarium upon publication and send you a copy of the book.


Please circulate this among kindred spirits, and recall the words of William Faulkner:  "The past isn't dead; it isn't even past."


Thanks, and be safe.



Thornton Sully




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