MICRO art & writing needed for The Throwaway Account

Liz Tetu
December 5, 2018

The Throwaway Account is a new 'zine interested in your poetry, micro essays, flash fiction, little interviews, postcard-sized art, mini-comics, short lists, and other forms of short-short stories! The themes for this upcoming year is "Emotions" (due January 14th for a February release), "Getaway" (April 15th for May release), "Heat" (July 15th for August), and "Wonder" (October 14th for November 2019).

“Throwaway” means an interest in anything you have! Old or new, unfinished or just unpolished, the embarrassing, too personal, and too weird submissions are considered just as seriously as any other.

“Throwaway” also refers to the way the zine will be printed. The plan is to print submissions and adhere them to napkins made of recycled materials borrowed from restaurants.

While the publication will be mostly in English, submissions in other languages, especially for feelings and concepts that are untranslatable, are welcome. Reprints are acceptable, as well, as long as you note where it was originally published when you submit. Non-themed submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, too. If an issue grosses enough that splitting the profits would make every contributor $5+, then that'll happen!

Send all submissions and queries to editor Liz Tetu at throwawayzine@gmail.com.

The Throwaway Account is 100% recyclable.