Minneapolis queer author new memoir

Ty Yule
October 19, 2020

“Holy crap. Loved it. Fierce and funny… Rocking and revelatory… It’s the freakin’ memoir of the year” – Claude, the gay librarian

“Ty Yule has written a rare memoir, one rooted in personal experience, framed philosophically, and infused with an indomitable queer spirit. This is the kind of book you want to shove into your friends’ hands, the kind that will keep you up late turning pages. Not only is it an important reflection on gender, sexuality, survival, and meaning, but it’s funny as hell and unendingly entertaining.” – S.E. Fleenor, essayist, author, host of “Bitches on Comics” and managing editor of Bella Media Channel (also my friend)

I'm Ty, a local queer writer and retired queer cult leader. Chemically Enhanced Butch is the new queer coming of age tale of an old-school butch. I came out in the Reagan era in conservative Southern California.  I spent the 90s, my twenties, in San Francisco as a butch dyke and had all the fun you think I had. I used to own Pi Bar in the Seward Neighborhood (07-08), the last dyke bar in the upper Midwest. After its loss in the Great Recession, I went Harvard Divinity School where I started taking testosterone to grow a beard and stop being depressed. It's a great story.

Chemically Enhanced Butch was published in September 2020 by Wise Ink Creative Publishing. The ebook is available through Amazon and all the other non-Amazon platforms. The paperback is also available through Amazon, but I encourage you to get it on the author's website, chemicallyenhancedbutch.com, or at your local Minneapolis bookstore.