New Memoir published by Minneapolis writer

Daniel Hertz
May 6, 2020

I am so excited to share that my memoir, Everything is A Little Bit Alright, has recently been published by Shanti Arts.  Most of it was written and developed during the Loft's 2018 year-long memoir writing workshop with instructor Nicole Helget.  From the publisher: An uplifting, lighthearted, and compelling memoir that recounts the author's lifelong spiritual journey. The grief from the passing of his mom is transformed to gratitude, forgiveness, and joy as he moves along the healing path with the help of his dog, Roy.  The story merges lively classroom scenes from his thirty-one years as a teacher and counselor in the Minneapolis Public Schools with his twenty-six-year adventure as a student and faculty member at the Meditation Center in Minneapolis. 

It is available on Amazon in paperback or kindle, or directly from the publisher.  Here is a link to the full description on the publisher's website: