Retired University of Minnesota Professor Breathing New Life into 1940s Era Fairy Tales that Teach Lessons of Importance Today

Rachel Anderson
August 26, 2020

   Retired University of Minnesota professor of comparative literature Jack Zipes will be re-releasing two 1940s era fairytales that are especially applicable today. The virtual book launch event will be hosted by Magers and Quinn on Sunday, Sept. 27. The event begins at 3 p.m. 

   Keedle the Great, originally written by Deirdre and William Conselman, Jr., and illustrated by Fred L. Fox in 1940, is the story of a scrawny little kid who is cruel to animals. As the story progresses and Keedle becomes a bigger bully, he gets smaller and smaller. It shows that bullies don’t last forever. Yussuf the Ostrich, originally written and illustrated by Emery Kelen, one of the great political caricaturists of the twentieth century and released in 1943, is the story of a young idealistic ostrich who has to overcome racism, war and separation from his mother. 

  Copies of these and Zipes’ other books can be purchased through the website,,  They are also available through the distributor,    To learn more about Jack Zipes' work, please check out his website, and his new publishing house,

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