SOAR Writing Retreat

Hannah Reysen
October 15, 2020

Stand Out And Roar (SOAR) is an immersive two-day self-reflection and writing retreat based on the book “Staring Down the Tiger: Stories of Hmong American Women” and the accompanying workbook “SOAR.” This retreat seeks to harness the power of storytelling to help participants face disruptive narratives in their life, symbolic of the tiger, in order to find their voice and SOAR.

Through self-reflection, peer to peer support, group discussion, and journaling, participants will shed light on their subconscious narratives and beliefs that shape their everyday lived experiences. The retreat will culminate in participants writing letters of wisdom for future publishing consideration by Hmong Women Achieving Together. Allies and educators are encouraged to broaden their worldview by participating in this reflective experience of learning from stories that are foreign to their own lived experiences.