Thinking about Self-Publishing?

July 9, 2019

Working on a book and considering self-publishing?  AuthorScope provides professional author services and can help prepare your book for self-publication. Founded by two published authors, experienced in all aspects of publishing, AuthorScope's mission is to provide first-class services that bring true value to authors by helping improve their written work, hone their skills, package their product, establish their brands, market their books, and enhance their lives as authors.  Our highly experienced and enthusiastic team can help with whatever you may need during the self-publishing process, including coaching, editing, book design, ebook conversion, marketing and the development of audio books.  Our services are all customized since each author is unique. AuthorScope is committed to working with our clients until their books meet their full potential. While the term "self-publishing" may sound like an intimidating ordeal, it doesn't have to be—AuthorScope will help you be successful in reaching your goals.  Learn more at