Minnesota Publishers

This catalog of Minnesota literary journals, magazines, publishing houses, and services for writers is extensive, but it's possible we've missed something! If you'd like to suggest the addition of a local organization, publication, or resource addition to this list, email Blythe Baird at [email protected].

Literary Journals and Magazines


Ascent is an online literary magazine published by Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. The magazine has gained a reputation of fostering excellent fiction, essays, and poetry from writers who are working to establish themselves.

Big River Magazine

Big River has been covering the Mississippi River from the Twin Cities to the Quad Cities for over 27 years. They are based in Winona.

Blue Earth Review

Blue Earth Review is the literary journal of the University of Minnesota, Mankato. Issues are published twice a year with work from all genres, and each summer they hold a contest for flash fiction, flash creative non-fiction, and poetry. 


Conduit is a literary journal keen on publishing new and exciting writing, and submissions are encouraged to be bold and original for their biannual issues. In 2018 they launched a book publishing division, Conduit Books & Ephemera, to expand opportunities for writers who are looking for a company as unique as they are. 

Great River Review

Founded in 1975, Great River Review is Minnesota's longest running literary journal. Dedicated to publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translation, the journal also prides itself on being a perfect opportunity for graduate students in English and Creative writing. 

Lake Country Journal

Lake Country Journal celebrates the culture and history of the Brainerd lakes region in central Minnesota. The journal publishes bimonthly and focuses on local events and recreation in the area.

Midwest Review

An annual print literary magazine that features work by writers, photographers, and artists who live in, have lived in, or have spent time in the Midwest—that diverse region of the north-central United States that includes the Great Lakes area and the upper Mississippi River valley.


Mizna is the country’s only literary journal focusing on the works of writers from Southwest Asia and North Africa. They are also a platform for filmmakers and produce the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival.

Paper Darts

Anything but ordinary, Paper Darts is an online magazine publishing daring and original literature and art. Run entirely by volunteers, the magazine has been redefining what accessible stories look like since its founding in 2009.

Rain Taxi

Rain Taxi, founded in 1996, is a literary organization that fosters engagement with innovative writing through a variety of programs and publications. In addition to its publications, they organize the Rain Taxi Reading Series and the annual Twin Cities Book Festival.


Runestone publishes and promotes the nation’s finest undergraduate writers in an online forum that is physically beautiful. They feature fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Saint Paul Almanac

The Saint Paul Almanac was founded in 2005 with the goal of bringing the stories of the city to life in print. Focused on the people in the communities of St. Paul, the unique almanac is published yearly and includes fiction and nonfiction stories.

Sleet Magazine

Sleet hails from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. They love language and the written word and welcome both the beautiful and anti-beautiful.

Spout Magazine

The longest running literary journal in the Twin Cities, Sprout stands out as a publisher for experimental contemporary writing. Their publishing branch, Sprout Press, expands the work of their journal to publish the work of regional writers in Minnesota.

Stillpoint Magazine

Stillpoint Magazine is an independent publication that explores themes in psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychiatry. Partnering with PrairieCare Institute’s Center for Applied Psychoanalysis, Stillpoint publishes works that connect the humanities with the science of self.  

The Talking Stick

Published by nonprofit writing group the Jackpine Writer’s Bloc, The Talking Stick is a literary journal published by writers for writers. Each year the group publishes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from emerging and experienced Minnesotan writers alike. The journal also awards prize money to the top two places in each of the three writing categories.

The Tower

The Tower is published by undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota and features work by University of Minnesota students. The magazine publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts.

Under Review

The Under Review is an online literary journal committed to publishing literary fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction with a sport slant, nod, backdrop, or undercurrent.

Water~Stone Review

Published annually by the Creative Writing Programs at Hamline, Water-Stone Review is a journal that publishes all genres from the student body. The journal also holds three different contests, and features photography from students from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Whistling Shade

Whistling Shade is a literary newspaper founded in St. Paul, focused on bringing in readers from all walks of life. With the aim of keeping literature as accessible as possible, Whistling Shade has both a journal and a publishing branch, Whistling Shade Press.

Yellow Medicine Review

Centered on the art and literature of indigenous Minnesotans, Yellow Medicine Review publishes every spring and fall.  


Publishing Houses

11:11 Press

11:11 Press is an independent publisher based in Minneapolis. Their mission is to publish works that enable authors to fully express their creative vision. 11:11 accepts submissions from multiple genres, but encourages authors to read other published work by the company to get a good grasp on the publisher’s voice.

ABDO Press

Since 1985, ABDO Press has been publishing educational materials for schools and public libraries. Publishing hundreds of books a year, their multiple divisions have titles ranging from beginning reading to young adult fiction, with a huge variety in between.

Afton Press

Afton Press is a not-for-profit publisher of exceptional books that explore and celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of our chosen state of Minnesota—books that reach high standards of scholarship, literary value, design, and production; books that help to strengthen and build communities; books that inspire readers of all ages to seek out new horizons and honor and serve one another.  

Astragal Press

Books from Astragal Press provide a look into the unique world of antique trades and technologies. Astragal has published works discussing steam engines, antique tools, horse drawn sleighs, and many more historical topics.

Bethany House

A pioneer of Christian fiction, Bethany House has been operating for over 50 years and currently publishes over 75 titles annually. Their titles range from fiction to non-fiction, Christian living, and devotional books.

Button Poetry

Seeking to expand the boundaries of poetry, Button Poetry is both a publishing house and a distributor for performance poets. Working with poets to showcase live performances, and distribute and promote their pieces, Button has gained a sizable online following and has reshaped how audiences view performance poetry.

Calumet Editions

Calumet Editions has been introducing exciting new authors, riveting stories, and insightful nonfiction to the market as quality paperbacks and Ebooks. Their offerings include bestsellers and debut fiction, literary works from highly reviewed writers, and authoritative fact-based writing under their Wisdom Editions imprint.

Capstone Press

Capstone Press has been creating books and digital materials for children and young adults for over 25 years. Their educational and entertaining publications can be found in libraries and classrooms, as well as in the homes of curious young minds.

Cloquet River Press

Cloquet River Press was formed in 2002 by author Mark Munger, to publish his own work and the works of local writers in the Lake Superior area. Since its founding, Cloquet River Press has published novels, short fiction, biographies, and more.

Coffee House Press

Coffee House Press is a nonprofit publisher that specializes in fiction, poetry, and essays that don’t quite fit the mold anywhere else. Founded in 1972, Coffee House Press has built upon the small press movement of the 60’s and 70’s, creating a home for authors that want to take risks.

CQT Publishing & Media

Starting as a digital micro press, CQT Publishing & Media has published the works of over 50 authors across seven publications. CQT also creates content for news and content aggregation, as well as photography and film projects.

Flexible Press

Flexible Press is a traditional book publisher dedicated to supporting authors, communities, and mission-driven nonprofits through story. Learn more about Flexible Press by watching our Publisher Profile!

Focus Publishing

Focus Publishing produces books and counseling materials based on Christian values. Since its founding in 1992, Focus has published works that address issues such as marriage problems, Biblical growth, parenting, and more.

Fox Pointe Publishing

Created in 2019 by a mother & daughter duo, Fox Pointe Publishing is an independent, full-service, hybrid press of professionals that welcomes most genres.

Free Spirit Publishing

The mission of Free Spirit Publishing is to provide educational books for children and young adults that teach social and emotional skills. Books from Free Spirit cover a wide array of topics, including social skills, school success, conflict resolution, and many more issues that support the mental and emotional wellbeing of children.

Graywolf Press

One of the nation’s leading nonprofit publishers, Graywolf Press publishes works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by authors in all stages of their careers. Graywolf has won multiple awards for their work since their founding in 1974, including the Sally Ordway Irvine Award for vision, the Minnesota Nonprofit Excellence Award, and the AWP Small Publisher Award. Learn more about Graywolf by watching our Publisher Profile!

Hand Type Press

Handtype press specializes in fiction, essays, and memoirs created by or about signers from deaf and hearing communities. Handtype also runs the imprint Squares and Rebels, which focuses on either the queer and/or disabled experience.

History Through Fiction

As the name suggests, History Through Fiction is a publisher whose works are historically accurate fiction. Founded in 2019 by Minnesotan author and historian Colin Mustful, History Through Fiction combines historical research and engaging storytelling by providing readers with footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies that elevate these works of fiction into educational resources.

Holy Cow! Press

Holy Cow! Press, located in Duluth, publishes a large variety of works but is best known for their poetry. Many of their authors are from the Midwest or Minnesota specifically, and Holy Cow has routinely published works by Native American authors since their founding in 1977.

Legacy Bound/Curious Cat Books

Legacy Bound Books is a children’s publisher based in Ely, MN, with plenty in store for adults too. Believing that children are our greatest legacy, Legacy Bound publishes works that encourage creativity and imagination in their readers.

Lerner Publishing

Lerner Publishing is one of the nation’s largest independent children’s book publishers, focusing on fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults. With fourteen different imprints under their name, Lerner is committed to educating children in ways that are engaging and memorable.

Living Justice Press

Living Justice Press is a nonprofit publisher focusing on community healing through restorative justice. Books published by Living Justice seek to elevate voices not otherwise heard by traditional publishers, so that readers may have ideas of justice challenged and transformed.

Ink Worthy Books

Ink Worthy Books believes everyone has a story worth telling, and every story has the power to change the world! To bring your book to life, they offer cover-to-cover editorial and coaching services, which means you can start getting the help you need to finish your book, no matter where you are in the process.

Melange Press

Publishing both ebooks and printed works, Melange Press creates works of fiction in a wide array of genres. From romance and westerns to horror and science fiction, Melange has something for every reader’s taste in fiction.

Milkweed Editions

Milkweed Editions is a non-profit publisher, founded in 1980 they have published over 350 books that range from fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Milkweed is happy to work with debut and experimental writers, and seeks to publish works that spark a unique connection between authors and readers.

Minnesota Historical Society Press

As the publishing arm of the Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota Historical Society Press is one of the leading authorities on the history of the state. They have three branches of publishing: their book press with three different imprints, Minnesota History Magazine, and MNopedia, a free online resource about Minnesota history.

New Rivers Press

Located at Minnesota State University Moorhead, New Rivers Press produces works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by authors from Minnesota and around the world. They also hold three global contests in addition to their regular submission windows.

Nodin Press

For over 50 years Nodin Press had been publishing books focused on nature, poetry, and regional history. Their works are primarily about Minnesota or by Minnesota authors.

Paranoid Tree Press

Paranoid Tree Press is a sustainable micro press, publishing a monthly illustrated zine with the goal of compensating all our contributors. We publish flash pieces in fiction, CNF, and prose poetry. 

Potter's Wheel Publishing

A book is the result of inspiration, creativity, and plenty of hard work. Potter’s Wheel believes a dream begins to sprout when the first line of a story is written, a dream that grows bigger and bigger until it reaches the readers, who then breathe life into it…

Queen of Swords Press

A small independent press based in Minneapolis, Queen of Swords Press publishes fictional works of fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and more. Queen of Swords specializes in works featuring female protagonists, characters from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds, and characters along the LGBTQ spectrum.

Ramsey County Historical Society

Ramsey County Historical Society is a small nonprofit organization based in Saint Paul that preserves and presents the diverse history and culture of Ramsey County, Minnesota, for readers of all ages. Their quarterly magazine Ramsey County History, as well as their books and coloring books and, more recently, films and podcasts, highlight exceptional and engaging local stories and noteworthy events that might otherwise be lost to time.

Red Dragonfly Press

Red Dragonfly Press has been publishing works of poetry for over fifteen years, and currently runs two annual contests. They have published the works of dozens of poets, with themes centering on rural, environmental, and political issues.

Shipwreckt Books

Shipwreckt Books is home to two imprints, a poetry series, and a literary magazine. They publish novels, short fiction, memoirs, poetry, and more by both seasoned and first time authors.

Sic Semper Serpent

Sic Semper Serpent is a Twin Cities publisher reviving the art of pulp fiction, publishing volumes of short stories in book and digital form. They also publish pieces in their digital magazine, Everlasting Stories, and on their Everlasting Stories Podcast.

Sky Candle Press

Sky Candle Press is a family owned press that publishes multiple varieties of children’s books. They have published books about historical figures, coloring books and short story collections. Sky Candle Press also belongs to several professional organizations and have won awards for their books.

Squares & Rebels

Books from Squares and Rebels focus on the experiences of the LGBTQ community throughout the Midwest, and have recently expanded to works that explore being queer and disabled. They primarily publish works of prose, but also take submissions for short stories, novellas, non-fiction, and essay collections.

Theran Press

Run for and by scholars, Theran Press publishes works from academics on a wide variety of subjects. They are dedicated to building a partnership with academics to publish works that are authentic, engaging, and educational.

University of Minnesota Press

As a founding member of the Association of University Presses, the University of Minnesota Press has been publishing works on the humanities and social sciences since 1925. They are known internationally for their works of non-fiction, and have a strong commitment to books that focus on academic subjects pertaining to Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.


Publishing Services

Beaver's Pond Press

Beaver’s Pond Press is a hybrid publisher that provides a wide variety of services to make an author’s manuscript just right. They build relationships with independent authors to copy edit, proofread, illustrate, market, and more for their clients.

Belle Étoile Studios

Working with authors across a wide spectrum of genres, Belle Etoile Studios offers services in editing, design, and production. Whether you’re planning to self-publish or submit your work to a publisher, Belle Etoile has over 15 years of experience in books and other print publications.

Lakeside Press

Lakeside Press offers services to writers beyond editing and proofreading, they do design for book covers and interiors, book printing, and e-book conversion. Lakeside has printed a wide array of books including children’s, adult fiction, and non-fiction.

Mill City Press

A self-publishing company founded by a self-published author, Mill City Press does everything from book production to copyright registration. The in-between services include manuscript diagnostics, editing, cover design, and more.

Studio Americana

Studio Americana offers services for writers and creators that need an audio medium. Their services range from production to recording, editing, and distribution for audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

Wise Ink

Wise Ink is a creative publishing agency that works with writers to meet all their needs during the self-publishing process. They offer consultations for authors during the writing process, and editing, proofreading, design and marketing services for finished works.