Family Book Club: The Voting Booth

Colbert, Brandy - The Voting Booth Book Cover

Title: The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert

Reading level: young adult

Synopsis: Marva Sheridan was born ready for this day. She's always been driven to make a difference in the world, and what better way than to vote in her first election? Duke Crenshaw is so done with this election. He just wants to get voting over with so he can prepare for his band's first paying gig tonight. Only problem? Duke can't vote.

When Marva sees Duke turned away from their polling place, she takes it upon herself to make sure his vote is counted. She hasn't spent months doorbelling and registering voters just to see someone denied their right. And that's how their whirlwind day begins, rushing from precinct to precinct, cutting school, waiting in endless lines, turned away time and again, trying to do one simple thing: vote. They may have started out as strangers, but as Duke and Marva team up to beat a rigged system (and find Marva's missing cat), it's clear that there's more to their connection than a shared mission for democracy.

Categories: politics, racism, death, romance


  • Which character, Marva or Duke, do you relate to more? Why?
  • If you're old enough, have you voted before? If you're not old enough, are you looking forward to being able to vote? Why or why not?
  • Which sociopolitical issue do you most believe in and/or want to see changed/implemented? 
  • Within your family, friend group, and/or community, do you talk about politics? If so, how do those conversations leave you feeling? If not, what's preventing the topic from coming up?
  • Marva is hesitant to let the world know Eartha Kitty is her account because she's afraid she won't be taken so seriously. How does social media affect your perceptions of other people? How do you think it changes the way people see you?

Activity: Just like Marva, you too can have an impact on how many people turn out to vote. Organizations like Rock the Vote offer a ton of different volunteer opportunities as well as informational resources. It's not too late to join the movement! 

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