Putting The Art In Article: How To Show Off Your Writing Skills

For many people, writing is more than work—it means producing true works of art. Though many perceive literature as an art form of a bygone era, that is definitely not the case. In fact, quality writers can simultaneously produce artistic content while also making a great living. But showing off your writing skills and becoming noticed for your work is not always easy. Considering that, we’ll give you a quick rundown on how you can increase your visibility as a writer without compromising your artistic integrity!


Writing for a Living

Pop culture gives us the idea that an English literature major is basically a sign-up sheet for poverty. However, the modern economy is as focused on artistic content as it is on practical products. Every product out there requires a captivating copy. There is a great need for email writers with a knack for producing strategic content that looks completely organic. On top of that, there is an entirely new world of writing formats like Facebook posts and tweets (duh).

Indeed, the next truly influential poet will perhaps appear on Twitter. However, many people who have incredible artistic qualities are badly equipped to market them and show off their most valuable skills. If you’re a great writer, you will need some promotional savvy to truly get your work out there and showcase your abilities.

All kinds of web development and online marketing companies are on the lookout for gifted writers. That sort of talent is appreciated, have no doubt about it. And if you find the right people to work with, you’ll have the opportunity to create something you’re proud of.


Getting Noticed

That being said, what do you need to do in order for your writing to become noticeable to potential employers? You need to write enough, you need to write in the right places, and your writing needs to show off your skills quickly. With that in mind, we’ve got a few tips!

Writing a Blog

For online writers who don’t have a website or blog already—we heavily recommend that you consider constructing one. More than half of the world’s population is online, and just about every company that might employ writers does its staff scouting online. That’s why you mustn’t miss out on this great self-promotional opportunity.

Having a personalized blog goes a long way toward increasing your visibility on the job market. You can post insightful articles about things that you’re interested in, and you can easily show just how good your writing is. Plus, you’ll be learning how to adjust yourself to this type of medium if any companies ask you to blog for them.

Guest Posting

For writers who want to reach a bigger audience with their content, guest posting is a quick and easy way to test how a similar target audience to your own responds to your writing. However good you are at writing in your niche, there are always others who are more experienced than yourself. Posting as a guest on their websites and blogs is a great way for more people to learn about your work. Plus, you gain some much-needed credibility in the writing world.

Contact people who write about similar topics to your own, and they’ll probably be happy to cooperate with you. After all, this helps them as well by providing them with fresh content and expands their network of associates.

Social Media

There’s nothing like a new format to aid you in honing your skills as a writer. When you’ve got to present your thoughts in a more constrained post found on social media, you have to be more straight-to-the-point than you’re probably used to in long-form content. This is a good exercise for your writing and a great way to get more exposure to the public.

A good tweet that goes viral can do wonders for promoting your writing blog as well—a great idea for self-promotion all around! Plus, if you want to work in marketing, this is the best way to show that you’re capable of writing a headline that’s going to be shared around the world or get a very specific brand message across.

You will connect with a global audience, your colleagues, and potential businesses that may decide to offer you work. In the 21st century, promoting your work doesn’t get much easier than via social media.


Being a professional writer isn’t just about being a good writer—it’s also about being a true professional. If you want other people to notice you, there’s nothing better than showing that you’ve got the right work ethics.

Get the most out of your previous work experience. Make a list of every business and individual who’s ever hired you to do some writing and ask them for recommendations. Your portfolio will speak about the quality of your work, but your testimonials will show off your work ethic. The best thing here is to show that you honor even the tightest deadlines—and that you can create amazing writing even under pressure. At last, you also want to communicate your ability to be a team player with editors and other complementary staff.


Produce a Portfolio

At the end of the day, anyone who’s ever thought of hiring you for writing will have one key thing on their mind: just how good are you? If you want people to see you as someone capable of fulfilling their work requirements, you need to have a dazzling portfolio. And even more importantly—you need to make it easily available for anyone who wants to take a look. Building a portfolio website to go along with your blog is always a good idea.

If you’ve produced varying types of content, you want to make sure businesses have a good grasp of your versatility. For instance, if you’ve written both blogs and white papers or copy and newsletters, make sure your portfolio showcases the best of each type of work. And whenever you produce a particularly stunning piece, remember to add it to your portfolio. We hope you had a good time here and that you’ve managed to pick up something new. Stay safe and have a good one, folks!