Ready for The Rich Writers’ Life?

the bookish brand with rachel werner


Creative journeys are not static. As long as you keep writing, new stories and opportunities will continue to come to you. You may not be able to control the when or the how. But you always have the capacity to reflect on, plus clarify, your why. We write for a reason. And as I’ve shared several times in previous posts, mine initially was to earn more money in order to avoid getting stuck barely scraping by financially for the long haul post-divorce as a single parent.

I was hyper-focused on that objective for YEARS. So much so that my creative career path careened off in a variety of directions—the majority of which I’m still trying to navigate simultaneously in the present. I have signed seven book deals since January 2021. I still write articles for several digital and print publications. I also create food, travel and beauty related content via social media for national brands and local businesses. And I teach classes for other writers and visual artists year-round. If that sounds like a lot, IT IS. 

But you know what? I also now have financial security. I am on the verge of purchasing my first home and it feels AMAZING to no longer be constantly stressed about how far I can make each dollar stretch. Plus I have started to realize that the next phase of my professional arc is likely going to involve me doing LESS. Because I am settling into—and starting to soak up—the RWL. The Rich Writers Life.

To be clear, RWL is not only about how much money I have stashed away as assets, savings and investments. A comfortable level of cash flow is certainly a part of this definition, but it’s not the sole determinant I am using to define the wealth I am continuing to gain. Being able to set my own schedule almost every day is FABULOUS. 

I have enough flexibility, in addition to expendable income, to frequently indulge in decadent coffee orders. To meet friends for a workout or lunch on weekdays. To have quality time with my kiddo be ‘the norm’ rather than ‘the exception.’ Every day, I receive the gift of experiencing my life in real time—instead of grinding it out for 8 hours, 5 days a week so that someone else can make more coins than me from my labor. Life is GOOD; and I plan on keeping it that way.

This isn’t to say that I am not working hard. Because I absolutely am! But it is on a schedule I set and manage. I may never retire per se, but the job(s) I do feed my soul rather than decimate it. My Rich Writer’s Life is a reflection of what it means to be creatively whole. My artistic endeavors are not hobbies I occasionally squeeze in around primary responsibilities. They actually provide the literal—and figurative—sustenance for my daily existence.

RWL is accessible to you as well. Step one is to prevent inaction from becoming a roadblock to future possibilities. Often the remedy for stagnation is inspiration. Focus on making decisions that generate more resources for you long-term (time, money, content, awareness). Then use your BIG dreams (*I mean the ones you barely let yourself utter aloud, but fantasize about on the regular) to motivate you to commit to "deliberate practice.” Be intentional about building a routine around productive writing time; promotion of your work and services; and skills you want to improve.

Ultimately, our AUDACIOUS goals manifest through action. Consider treating yourself to a class this winter. Or add it to your holiday gift “wish list.” The Loft has several sampler classes scheduled during the first two weeks of January to help beginning and advanced writers kick off 2024 with a boost of creative energy. I am also leading a two-week The Rich Writer's Life workshop for anyone ready to get serious about earning more money as a writer, but unsure of what her/his/their next steps should be. RWL is achievable for all of us. I promise the view from here is splendid. Come join me…if you dare.