Tips for Your First Writing Class

Summer Youth Rectangle Graphic


Trying something new can be scary! Whether you have written dozens of stories or are just starting your writing journey, Summer Youth at Mac will no doubt be full of new experiences for all of us. You will have the chance to meet people, be in a new space, and try things that will expand your creative horizons. If this is your first time doing something like this, it’s okay to be a little nervous. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for the most exciting, engaging, and fun summer experience!


Start keeping a journal.

Whether you have a cute notebook or just a pad of paper, journaling can help you prepare for writing. You’ll begin to pay attention to what you notice, feel, and think. Try journaling every other day—it doesn’t have to be long, even a couple of sentences will do! Getting in the habit of writing will ease you into a writing class smoothly.


Read other people’s work. 

Reading other people’s writing is a great way to open your mind to new possibilities and inspiration. Sometimes, reading work from people your own age is sometimes very eye-opening. Check out Stone Soup for stories, poems, and art all by kids age 13 and under. 


Try some prompts. 

Prompts are ideas that help you start writing. They could be a specific exercise, setting, question, or a first line. Practicing your writing with some prompts is helpful because many creative writing classes involve writing from prompts! Check out this long list to get some ideas.


Read up on one of your favorite authors. 

What was the last thing you read and loved? Was it a novel, picture book, or something for school? See if you can find out who the author is and do some research on them. When did they start writing? How many books have they written? Do they have any interviews you can watch? Remember—all of those authors were just like you once!


Get creative in other ways. 

To prepare yourself for a creative writing class, it’s a great idea to find inspiration in other ways! Whether you like to finger paint, sing, dance, or build LEGO mansions, doing other creative things will help get your brain ready for a great time at summer youth. 


Whether you are a little nervous for summer youth or feel like a pro, you can do some of these things to prepare yourself for a wonderful experience with the Loft. We hope this summer can be a great time for all of us after missing out on connecting with each other for so long.