Weekly Prompt Roundup: Classic Blue, Social Media, and Literary Letters

Daily Writing Prompts

The world is in a strange state, but instead of focusing on what we've lost, we're focusing on new opportunities. One of our big questions has been how we can still serve our community of writers—luckily, the answer was pretty simple. Creativity isn't a regional process, so why not take it online? Now is the perfect time to really dig into your writing practice, even if you only have a few minutes each day for generative work.

So we welcome you to follow along on Twitter or Instagram as we post daily prompts to boost that brain of yours. And we encourage you to interact with the prompts. You can reply with a single tweet/post, follow up with an entire thread, or post a picture of whatever work you're inspired to create. Each week in our roundup, we'll be featuring some of our favorite replies. Who knows, your work might be just what someone else needs to get writing.

Last week was our kickoff, so we have an abbreviated roundup. On Friday, you were inspired by page 72 of your nearest book

First sentences you can use as a jumping off point:

... if you think I am staying outside, then you're sadly mistaken.

When we hang on to a rose-tinted version of history we deprive ourselves and our children of the truth.

"I'm sure you didn't mean that." 

Saturday brought creativity in the form of your ideal writing space.

Where in the world (or out of the world) are you? (Don't let something silly like reality stunt your dreams.) What does it look like, sound like, feel like, smell like, taste like? Who's there? Who isn't there? Or, for a converse prompt, describe your current writing space and how it may be less than ideal during this time of pandemic. Humor writers, this one is especially juicy for you.

On Sunday, you lifted dialogue from social media.

In case you're avoiding all but #writingcommunity Twitter, let me offer some tasty morsels:

britney spears: dm me and i will pay for your groceries, child’s diapers, whatever you need

Saw one of my neighbors in the hall today. He was wearing a gas mask.

Fun fact: Netflix has a built-in psychopath test!

And on Monday, we asked what blue can do for you.

The 2020 PANTONE color of the year is Classic Blue. For you visual writers out there, this is the time to do some color association. (For you non-visual writers, this is the time to start.) Is blue a place, a thing, an emotion, a memory? Where in nature do you find besides the sea and the sky? Where does it show up in your house? Are you a Percy Jackson, whose favorite foods are blue? Or a Maggie Nelson, who fell in love with the color itself? Move past the obvious to interrogate those different associations. 

Hopefully, these prompts will kickstart some creativity. Be sure to keep an eye out for next week's roundup and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to participate. Maybe you'll see your own work featured! In the meantime, stay safe out (in) there. Fingers crossed we hear from you soon.