A Writer's Introduction to Entering the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Statistics reveal that the number of roaming workers continues to increase, with practitioners reporting increased productivity and monetary savings. Working while traveling may seem like a distant dream, but you can make your fantasy a reality. Review these recommendations that others have used to liberate themselves from cubicles and offices to become digital nomads.


Start as a Freelancer

If you can't make the jump yet, freelance in your spare time to build a portfolio and experience. The income will quickly give you the freedom to move around. Legally register your business for tax perks and personal asset protection. LLCs are common because they're easy and inexpensive to set up with an online formation service.

While building clientele, sign up for gig websites to bid on jobs. Keep income consistent by joining freelance writing companies to craft content for various companies. While excellent for steady work and experience, keep in mind that you likely won't be able to use that work in your portfolio.

Maintain solid communication with clients. Most of your conversation can be through email, but sometimes a face-to-face video call is necessary. Pay attention to time zones so you can chat at a time convenient for clients. A cheap green blanket or backdrop can help you set up a more professional and realistic virtual background.


Learn Additional Skills

Get paid to learn by joining a company that equips you with valuable skills to build a business. A creative agency needs writers, and the association can provide you with practical marketing skills. You could also learn much from technology firms about creating an efficient digital office.

Find virtual classes that can enhance your talents. Some college seminars are free if you don't need a certification. Investigate learning platforms that teach other necessary abilities. A Loft virtual coach can also help you refine your writing skills and make smarter career decisions.


Create Other Income Streams

Your writing specialty may not always be in high demand, so find other ways to supplement your income when jobs are slow. One route to passive income is through short-term rentals. You can make more than enough to support your travels and have a home base when you need a break from the road. Search for a reliable cleaner and maintenance team to keep your property in order.

You could use your typing and grammar skills as a transcriptionist or close captioner. Your organizational and communication abilities are handy as a virtual assistant for other professionals. Stay alert on freelance job boards to find other methods to fill in any budget gaps.


Build a List of Tech-Friendly Rentals

Circumstances can change quickly when you're mobile, so you should prepare a personal index of tech-friendly locations. Online listings let you filter properties by home type, amenities, bedrooms, bathrooms, and price. Virtual tours are popular, allowing you to see the spot without making a personal visit.

Research digital nomad hubs in different cities around the world. Your fellow travelers can share tips and tricks to work more efficiently and inexpensively while providing you with a community that helps you combat loneliness.


The only thing between you and living as a digital nomad is a plan of action and determination. Take practical steps like starting as a freelancer and building a list of tech-friendly rentals. You'll eventually achieve your aspiration of life on the road.