Writing Classes to Take in 2024 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

No matter your sign, there's a writing class written in the stars for you. Browse all of our upcoming classes here! ***Note: All ONLINE classes are listed in Central Time. All IN-PERSON classes take place at the Loft at Open Book in Minneapolis (1011 Washington Ave S.)

Dear Aries, your fearless energy has always blazed trails, igniting paths where others see only darkness. Your spirit blazes with courage that lights up every room. The classes we've chosen for you capture this essence, inviting your fearless energy to ignite stories as vibrant and daring as you.

The Power of Subversion: Tools and Strategies for Change
Online with Allison Wyss
Risk, Reveal, Reinvent: A Poetry Revision Primer
Online with Chelsea Des Autels
Write Your Screenplay or TV Pilot in 6 Weeks
In-Person with Michael Gorrie
The Beginners Guide to Starting Your Novel in 6 Weeks
Online with Tamara Hogan
***NEW!*** Decolonizing Your Creative Voice
Online with Anaïs G. Duplan


Tender Taurus, resilience blooms in that stubborn garden of yours. Your loyalty is not just about being unmovable; it's the sacred art of staying, grounding yourself in a world that constantly shifts. The courses we've selected nurture this strength and provide a space for you to safely take root.

Writing Through Challenging Times: Journaling for Self-Care
Online with Brenda Hudson
Legacy Writing: Capturing Moments for Future Generations
Online with Brenda Hudson
Writing as Healing
Online with Roxanne Sadovsky
Cooking with Words
Online with Mary Ringstad
Creative Language
Online with Brian Malloy
Unlocking Hidden Narratives in Erasure & Blackout Poetry
In-Person with Blythe Baird


Beloved Gemini, your mind is a stunning whirlwind of endless curiosity. You capture the essence of every moment, turning fleeting whispers into lasting echoes. The classes we chose for you offer diverse avenues for your agile mind to express its narrative dexterity.

The Obsessive Essayist
Online with Andy Butter
Perfecting the Freelance Pitch
Online with Lisa Meyers McClintick
Introduction to Television Writing
In-Person with Bo Kaprall
Personal Essays: The Art and Craft of Narrative Nonfiction
Online with Jessie Sholl
Funny Is the New Deep: How to Harness Your Comic Impulse
Online with Steve Almond


Your heart is an ocean of depth and care and stories that should be shared, sweet Cancer. You hold the world with a particular and admirable gentleness. For you, we have a selection of classes that echo your profound emotional insights. Here, you will craft stories that resonate with authenticity and heart.

Writing Flash Nonfiction
Online with Anna Molenaar
***NEW!***Food Writing: Beyond the Plate
In-Person with Justine Jones
Inspiration & More from Best Sellers
Online with Kate St. Vincent Vogl
Flash Memoir: Life Stories In Under 500 Words
Online with Brenda Hudson
A Memoir That Goes Beyond You
Online with Rachel Signer
Beyond the Memoir
Online with Tony Jones


Radiant Leo, you are the embodiment of confidence and charisma, showing up in every story. Your words carry the warmth of your spirit, boldly declaring life's vibrancy. We've selected classes for you that mirror your natural charisma, encouraging you to create work that inspires you and the world you share it with.

More than Garfield: Adding Depth to How We Write About Our Animals
In-Person with Anna Molenaar
Introduction to Digital Storytelling
Online with Anne Aronson
The Joys of Queering Narrative
Online with Jesaka Long
***NEW!***The Scoop Behind the Slush Pile
Online with Amy Bishop-Wycisk
Making It Real
Online with Kate St. Vincent Vogl
Writing From Memories & Experiences--Now What?
Online with Tasslyn Magnusson


Precise Virgo, your attention to detail is unparalleled. You approach life with a practical yet imaginative perspective, solving problems with grace and precision. The workshops we've handpicked complement this trait, sharpening your skills to craft narratives that are as meticulous as they are mesmerizing.

***NEW!***Pollinating Paradise: Writing the Non-Human
Online with Ashia Ajani
Children’s Writing For Beginners
Online with Lisa Bullard
Craft Intensive: Master Your Writing, Prep Your Novel for Publication
Online with Steve Almond
In the Moment: Writing Contemporary Haiku
Online with Jennifer Burd
Travel Writing: Capture a Journey
Online with Lisa Meyers McClintick
Beyond Google: Research Strategies for Historically Accurate Writing
In-Person with Kristine Spanier


Gracious Libra, your innate sense of harmony and fairness guides your every step. You seek balance in all things, creating beauty and understanding in your wake. The classes we've chosen for you foster this balance, allowing your writing to flow with the harmony and poise that define you.

Work in Progress
Online with Aurelia Wills
Creative Maps for Creative Writing
Online with Heidi Newbauer
Using Creative Maps to Revise Work
Online with Heidi Newbauer
It's All Relative: Writing Our Relationships in Creative Nonfiction
In-Person with Lizzie Lawson
Stories that Haunt Us
In-Person with Holly Day
***NEW!***Queries About Querying
Online with Amy Bishop-Wycisk


Zealous Scorpio, your passion and depth are your greatest strengths. You delve into the depths of human experience, unearthing stories that resonate with raw emotion. Our carefully selected courses offer a platform for this intensity, encouraging you to explore and express the profound narratives within you.

Advanced Poetry Workshop
Online with Blythe Baird
***NEW!***Songs in the Dark: Writing Through Trauma
Online with Joan Kwon Glass
Memory in Fiction—The Power of Subjectivity
Online with Sruthi Narayanan
How to Create an Irresistible Narrator
Online with Steve Almond
Introduction to Self-Publishing
Online with Jennifer DeVries
What to Expect When You're Debuting
Online with Sarah Cypher


Adventurous Sagittarius, it is no secret that your love for exploration knows no bounds. You find wisdom and joy in every journey, turning each experience into a personal odyssey. The workshops we've picked for you are stomping grounds for you to approach the creative process with joy and childlike play. 

***NEW!***Decolonizing Poetry
Online with Gauri Awasthi
Getting Your Word Out: Publishing, Submitting, & Marketing Your Writing
In-Person with Holly Day
Aspects of Craft in Poetry: Negative Space
Online with Tasslyn Magnusson
Poetry--Lost and Found
Online with Tasslyn Magnusson
Line Breaks--Tools of Musical Notation
Online with Melanie Figg
A Writing Plan for Hard Times
In-Person with W.L. Bolm


Resolute Capricorn, your determination and ambition have always set you apart. You build foundations that last, turning every goal into an achievement. For you, we selected classes that will empower you to craft narratives that are as enduring as your resolve.

Finding the Poet Within
In-Person with Holly Day
Making the Space for Poetry in Our World
Online with Deborah Keenan
Starting a Large Writing Project
Online with Melanie Figg
Arrows in Flight: Short Story Structure & Strategy
Online with Mary Ringstad
Short Story Nitty Gritty
Online with Troy Wilderson
Short Story Deep Dive
Online with Troy Wilderson


Innovative Aquarius, you are the dreamer of impossible dreams. Uranus fuels your innovative spirit, making a writing class a gateway to creativity for you in 2024. The classes we've selected resonate with your innovative, unique, and humanitarian ethos.

Connecting With Your Characters: The Art of Intimacy
Online with Allison Wyss
Nature Journaling: Words + Pictures
In-Person with Lisa Meyers McClintick
Introduction to Fiction
In-Person with Holly Day
Put Some Rev in Your Revision: Ready Your Short Stories For Publication
Online with Troy Wilderson
***NEW!***Navigating Publishing for the Neurodivergent Writer
Online with W.L. Bolm


Dreamy Pisces, your imagination is a boundless sea of creativity. You see the world through a lens of wonder and empathy, finding magic in the mundane. We've selected classes for you to navigate these waters, transforming your inner monologue and deep emotions into captivating stories.

Writing Scales
In-Person with Cynthia Holm
Healing The Wounded Writer:
Writer’s Journal to Recover or Build Writing Practice

In-Person with Morgan Grayce Willow
Exploring Creative Nonfiction Through Delight
Online with Olivia Fantini
Writing Yourself Out of Your Rhythm Rut
In-Person with Roxanne Sadovsky
The Rich Writer's Life
Online with Rachel Werner
Best Practices in Applying for Writing Grants and Residencies
Online with Sarah Cypher