Year-Long Writing Projects: Tuition and Scholarship Information


Tuition is $7,000 for the year when paid in full and can also be broken down with two payment plans. 

Payment plans:

The first payment plan​ option​ is a year-long, monthly option: $3,500 is due at the time of registration, which includes a nonrefundable $500 deposit. Twelve monthly payments of $300 will be made January through December 2022 via a credit card number given to the Loft at the time of registration. Credit card must have an expiration date beyond December 2022. Total tuition for the program on the payment plan is $​7,100. You must call the education office at 612-379-8999 for this payment plan. It cannot be arranged on the website, nor can it happen in person at this time.

The second payment plan option​ is available when you purchase your place in the program online (see our registration page for details); simply select the Sezzle payment method, and your payment will be divided into four interest-free payments over six weeks: 25 percent today, followed by three more payments of approximately 25 percent of the balance due each time until it is paid off. While this option is available, we do recommend either paying in full or calling for our payment program. Sezzle has worked fine for lower-priced class offerings, but some have encountered issues with limits in trying to pay for the writing projects. If you have an active Sezzle account, you can try to use it, but we cannot guarantee you will be approved. If you have questions about Sezzle limits, see their FAQ.

What is Sezzle?​ Sezzle is a third-party payment processing platform that securely processes and manages payments, interest free, over a period of six weeks. 



Scholarship applications are now closed.

One scholarship slot will be available by application for each of the three projects. The Loft's Year-Long Writing Projects are a rigorous and intensive year-long program dedicated to helping you complete your writing projects. Applicants are required to read about the details of the program on the Loft's website to make sure they understand the rigor and time commitment required to be successful before applying. Applicants are required to apply to only one genre and will be disqualified if applying to more than one genre.