Manuscript Critique
Claire Wahmanholm Poetry Critique

Open to: Full-length poetry manuscripts; Poetry chapbook manuscripts

Limit: For full length collections, 90 pages; for chapbooks, 36 pages. Please ask first for oversized manuscripts or extra pages.

What You’ll Submit: A full-length collections of poems consisting of 48-90 pages; a chapbook manuscript of 20-36 pages

What You’ll Get

1) 45-minute introductory meeting (face-to-face or virtual) to discuss your vision for your project (questions might include: what do you love about your MS at this point? what are you struggling with? what are the most essential poems of the MS? what are its key words/themes? what are you publishing goals?)

2) Electronic line-edits and margin notes on the entire MS (if desired)

3) A letter describing what I feel the book’s overall strengths and weaknesses are, as well as offering concrete suggestions for maximizing the former and minimizing the latter; as well as an evaluation of your book’s arc/order, and recommendations for cuts/additions

4) An hour-long meeting (face-to-face or virtual) to discuss my comments, the MS, next steps, etc.   


Standard Manuscript (48-90pgs): $900 

Chapbook (20-36pgs): $500

Additional Pages: $18/page 

Turnaround: Full-length poetry MS: 2 weeks; Poetry chapbooks: 1 week