Manuscript Critique
Tony Jones—Book-length and long-form nonfiction, book proposals, and query letters

Open to: Book-length and long-form journalism non-fiction, including but not limited to memoir, how-to, self-help, spirituality, and investigative journalism.

What You'll Submit: Your full manuscript, your full proposal, or your query letter. Or all three!

What You'll Get: When you submit your manuscript, you can expect me to turn it around in 4-6 weeks. You will receive a marked up document, noting everything from spelling and grammar recommendations to advice about word choice, paragraph length, and chapter flow. You will also receive a 1-2 page letter with notes on narrative structure, voice, and other overarching issues. Finally, we will have a 45-minute Zoom coaching call to discuss my feedback. 

If you submit your book proposal and/or query letter, within a week or two you will receive a thoroughly marked-up copy with comments and suggestions.


  • $2750 for a manuscript review; max 60K words. Please check on projects more than 60K words.
  • $300 for a full book proposal review
  • $100 for a query letter review
  • $3000 for manuscript (60K words or less), proposal, and query letter