Loft Themes

Loft Themes

Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, the Loft is introducing seasonal thematic programming. Our themes will help connect you across many of the Loft program offerings. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and can be part of important issues and conversations in civic life. Loft themes will compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways.

Choice and Chance
This fall (Sep–Dec 2020)
Choice and Chance

Many of us have been raised with the idea of pulling yourself by your bootstraps. This story reinforces the idea that your fate is not in our stars but in ourselves. Hard work and good choices lead to good fortune, right? But what if that’s not true? What, in the end, do we really control, and what is a result of chance?

Together we will explore stories of luck, both bad and good, and think about how we make decisions, both big and small. 

Choice and Chance Offerings

Here are the classes and events offered in the Choice and Chance theme this fall.

Choice and Chance
ADULT CLASS: Big Ideas Readers Seminar

Big Ideas Readers Seminar: Choice and Chance
Sep 8–Dec 1 | Taught by
Arriel Vinson

This class will explore what luck, chance, and fate look like for different people. We will use Nicola Yoon’s The Sun is Also a Star and Danielle Evans’ The Office of Historical Corrections to guide us through what it means to be privileged, what it means to be forgotten, and what it means to be powerless.

Choice and Chance
YOUTH CLASS: Whose Story?

Whose Story? Our Story! Digital Design, Interactive Fiction, and Power
Sep 19 & 26 | Taught by
Roohi Choudhry & Shiva Muthiah

This youth class will explore social identity and how it informs the choices we make as artists and as people.

Choice and Chance
BIG IDEAS: Nicola Yoon & Danielle Evans

Big Ideas: What Control Do We Actually Have?
Sep 22, 7 p.m. | Featuring
Nicola Yoon, Danielle Evans, moderated by Arielle Vinson

Best-selling authors Danielle Evans (The Office of Historical Corrections) and Nicola Yoon (The Sun Is Also A Star) will discuss luck and fate and how they might dictate our lives.

Choice and Chance
ADULT CLASS: Finding Your Story, Telling Your Truth

Finding Your Story, Telling Your Truth
Starts Sep 23 | Taught by
Carolyn Holbrook

In this class, we will explore how to write about your perspective and experiences. This class is part of our Choices & Chance Theme: by exploring our own stories, and the circumstances in life that help to weave them, we'll examine our relationship to the power of our own narratives and the choices we have to amplify our own, and others', lives and voices.

Choice and Chance
ADULT CLASS: Tarot Tells the Story

Tarot Tells the Story
Oct 24 | Taught by
Phoebe Tsang

This class is for adventurous writers looking for a writing tool that can enhance your creativity, overcome writer’s block, generate stories, and further your writing goals.

Choice and Chance
EVENT: Refugee Stories with Kao Kalia Yang and Jessica Goudeau

Refugee Stories
Nov 12 | Featuring
Kao Kalia Yang in Conversation with Jessica Goudeau

What effect does choice and chance play when entire groups of people are displaced by socio-historical moments beyond their control? Two authors whose new books center on refugee experiences will be taking part in an online discussion.

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