Loft Themes

Loft Themes

Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, the Loft is introducing seasonal thematic programming. Our themes will help connect you across many of the Loft program offerings. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and can be part of important issues and conversations in civic life. Loft themes will compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways.

Choice and Chance
This fall (Sep–Dec 2020)
Choice and Chance

Many of us have been raised with the idea of pulling yourself by your bootstraps. This story reinforces the idea that your fate is not in our stars but in ourselves. Hard work and good choices lead to good fortune, right? But what if that’s not true? What, in the end, do we really control, and what is a result of chance?

Together we will explore stories of luck, both bad and good, and think about how we make decisions, both big and small. 

Upcoming Themes

Fall 2020 (Sep–Dec 2020): Choice and Chance

Winter 2021 (Jan–Apr 2021): A Sense of Adventure

Previous Themes

Fall 2017 (Sep–Nov 2017): Vigilance

Winter 2018 (Jan–Mar 2018): True North

Spring 2018 (Mar–May 2018): To Be Honest

Fall 2018 (Sep–Dec 2018): Fairy Tales

Winter 2019 (Jan-Apr 2019): Needs

Fall 2019 (Sep-Dec 2019): If