Loft Themes

Loft Themes

Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, the Loft is introducing seasonal thematic programming. Our themes will help connect you across many of the Loft program offerings. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and can be part of important issues and conversations in civic life. Loft themes will compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways.

Needs Theme Graphic
This winter (Jan–Apr 2019)
Winter Theme: Needs

No human can exist without food, water, and safety. After that, we need a reason to get up, explore, and connect. As Joan Didion said, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." Through the sharing of ideas and experiences we come to understand the world around us and imagine what it might be like to wander in someone else's shoes.

The Loft believes that stories are a basic need. But how do stories teach us to live well? Why do we react with outrage or joy from news stories about people we've never met? Are there poems that get you out of bed in the morning? Do you read to your child (or to yourself) in order to sleep at night? Through the theme of Needs, the Loft will explore the ways in which the written word unpacks need and helps keep us alive, nourished, and connected.

We invite you to explore our theme of Needs below in as many ways as interest you. See our list of classes and events below.

Upcoming Themes

Fall 2019 (Sep–Dec 2019): If

Winter 2020 (Jan–Apr 2020): Boundaries and Border Crossings

Past Themes

Fall 2017 (Sep–Nov 2017): Vigilance

Winter 2018 (Jan–Mar 2018): True North

Spring 2018 (Mar–May 2018): To Be Honest

Fall 2018 (Sep–Dec 2018): Fairy Tales