Scholarship FAQs

Why haven’t I received a scholarship email in a couple of weeks?

Scholarship notifications are sent out on a rolling basis. We typically send out class notices as scholarship seats become available, about one to two weeks before class start dates. Depending on where we fall in our class schedule, several weeks may pass without scholarship updates. December, January, May, and August are fairly quiet times at the Loft! 

I have a specific class in mind, but it hasn’t been offered on scholarship yet. Can I get a scholarship seat in it?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee scholarships for specific classes ahead of time, though we do our best to offer a wide range of options across all genres. Only classes listed in our scholarship updates are available on scholarship. If you would like to take a specific class not available on scholarship, the next best option we can offer is to register using Sezzle, our payment plan option, to guarantee your seat in the class.

Are the scholarship classes free?

No, but a Loft scholarship provides a 95% reduction in tuition for a class. The scholarship recipient pays the remaining 5% cost, which will vary depending on the regular price of the class. If you cancel before the class begins, we will not be able to provide a refund as the 5% rate you pay covers administrative costs it requires to run the scholarship program. We appreciate your understanding of this policy and support of the scholarship program!

I received a scholarship email and I see a class I want to take, now what? 

Once you receive an email list of scholarship classes and decide on the class you’d like to take, you must contact a Loft staff member by email or phone in order to receive a scholarship code. Please state which class you would like to sign up for in your message. Education staff can be reached at, or 612-379-8999. Spots are awarded on a first come, first served basis, and limited spots are available for each class. You’ll be given a code to enter in the “Coupon Code”  box when you’re checking out online. Loft staff can also assist you with registration over the phone. You must repeat this process each time you’d like to register for a class on scholarship so staff is able to track the number of scholarship seats available for each specific class. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us with this process!

A note for families interested in enrolling children in summer youth classes:

Scholarships are available for our summer writing camps. These scholarships reduce the price of our week long camps by 95%.If you are interested in registering your child for a summer writing camp, please contact the Loft’s education office at 612-379-8999 for more details. These scholarships are awarded in a slightly different way than our regular, in-person adult classes.

What kind of creative writing classes are offered to the pool?

Our offerings range all of our genres, levels, times, and durations– from single sessions to 12-week classes. We hope you will find a class or two relevant to your writing interests and goals within the year you apply and join our scholarship pool.

As of right now, scholarship updates are sent out to the entire scholarship pool, including those interested in online, adult, and youth classes. We will do our best to help you filter these messages by making sure our subject lines state which kinds of classes are being made available.

Is there a limit on the number of classes I can take once in the scholarship pool?

Nope! We just ask that you be considerate of other pool participants by not registering for a class while currently enrolled in another. For example, please refrain from registering for two multi-week classes at once. However, feel free to register for multiple Saturday classes, since these are single session classes occurring on different dates. The exception to this rule is for our summer youth program for which we encourage enrollment in back-to-back morning and afternoon classes. Thanks in advance!

How long may I remain in the pool?

Our scholarship process relies on an “honors system” from all of our wonderful participants. We are happy to provide scholarships to as many students as possible; however,  if your financial situation were to change and you are no longer eligible for the scholarship program we trust that you would reach out to us to be removed from the pool. 

We may ask accepted applicants to re-submit documentation of their assistance in the future, though we do not do so on a regular basis. So for now, as long as appropriate classroom conduct and basic attendance standards are kept high, rest assured you'll remain in the Loft scholarship pool. The only reason you would be removed from the scholarship pool is if you specifically unsubscribe from our mailing list. Choosing to unsubscribe means you will no longer receive any scholarship updates, and must resubmit a scholarship application if you wish to be added back to the scholarship pool.