Scholarship FAQs

When will I receive notice about available scholarship seats?

Scholarship notifications are sent out on a rolling basis. We typically send out class notices as scholarship seats become available about a week or two before class start dates. Remember, this means several weeks may pass before you receive word about any seats between our seasonal sessions.

I have a specific class in mind—can I get a scholarship seat in it?

Sorry. We cannot guarantee scholarships for specific classes in advance of their being made available to everyone in our scholarship pool at the same time. The next best option we can offer is to register at the low-income rate to guarantee your seat in the class. While our pool process is a departure from past practice, under this new model we are providing more seats to scholarship students overall.

Are the scholarship classes free?

No. A Loft scholarship provides a 95% reduction in tuition for a class. The scholarship recipient pays the remaining 5% cost, which will vary depending on the regular price of the class. If you cancel before the class begins, we will not be able to provide a refund as the 5% rate you pay covers administrative costs.

How do I use the scholarship/promo code?

When you're sent a code by email, sign up for the class as usual, and enter your code in the promo code slot at the end of the registration process.

What kind of creative writing classes are offered to the pool?

Our offerings range all of our genres, levels, times, and durations–ranging from single sessions to 12-week classes. We hope you will find a class or two relevant to your writing interests and goals within the year you apply and join our scholarship pool.

Is there a limit on the number of classes I can take once in the scholarship pool?

Nope! We just ask that you be considerate of other pool participants by not registering for a class while already enrolled in another. The exception to this rule is for our summer youth program for which we encourage enrollment in back-to-back morning and afternoon classes. Thanks in advance!

How long may I remain in the pool?

We may ask accepted applicants to re-submit documentation of their assistance in the future, though we do not do so on a regular basis. So for now, as long as appropriate classroom conduct and basic attendance standards are kept high, rest assured you'll remain in the Loft scholarship pool.