What the Loft Can Do for You: Novel Writing Month

There's only a handful of days left until November, and you know what that means: Novel Writing Month. It sneaks up quick, and it's easy to be caught off guard. But with the following offerings from the Loft, there's no reason you can't churn out that next bestseller (okay, that may be getting a little ahead of ourselves). Be it an accountabilibuddy, dedicated writing time, or feedback, we've got what you're seeking.

November Class Offerings

A Beginner's Guide to Starting Your Novel
We're cheating a bit here, because technically this six-week class starts in October and ends in December. (But who needs technicalities?) This is perfect for those of you who've had an idea brewing all witchy-like in your minds and are ready to jump in. You know what they say: there's no time like the present.

Precision Revision
As part of Wordsmith—our craft, career, and connection conference for writers on November 2–3—you're invited to sit down in a single session with Téa Obreht, author of the National Book Award finalist The Tiger's Wife, and talk revision. For those of you who are using Novel Writing Month as an impetus to finally—finally—finish that novel, this class may be the winner. 

Fiction Basics suite
Need some help with setting, scene/summary/flashback/narrative time, and/or creative language? This series of afternoon-long classes covers those base skills fiction writers need to create a compelling world and narrative.

Writing Groups

Loft Open Groups
To celebrate and support the variety of writers we have here in the Twin Cities (and beyond), we sponsor writing groups for veterans, Native American and indigenous writers, writers of color, writers who are fifty and up, and writers oriented toward peace and social justice, among others. One of them could be your home not just for November but your writing career. 

Community Call for Groups
If you have a specific group in mind you'd like to create or be a part of or are curious about the groups others are trying to form, check out the Community Postings about writing groups. This is where you can find or form the writing fam you've always wanted.


A weekend intensive of fellow writers, writing advice, and publishing exposure is what Novel Writing Month is all about (cue "Hokey Pokey" music). Okay, not necessarily, but it could be. At Wordsmith, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other writers as well as agents and editors, adding to your expertise of what it means to be a capital-W Writer. Not ready to pitch your manuscript? (Perhaps because you're taking Novel Writing Month to actually write it?) Doesn't matter. You can take classes, sign up for consultations, and expand your network as well. There are some seriously cool publishing professionals in the lineup, and at its heart, this is a celebration of our rich literary community.

Manuscript Critiques

You're at the end of the stretch, mile 25. All you have left is the dreaded final edit, and you just. can't. make. yourself. do. it. Good news: you don't have to. We offer manuscript critiques from vetted editors who can take your Novel Writing Month baby from wobbly steps to confident stride. Write it in November, get it edited in December, send it out for the New Year. Resolution: check.

Bring the Loft to You

Maybe you have your Novel Writing Month all planned out, but you know others who are struggling to get motivated. Bring the Loft to them! Your library, school, workplace—it could be Novel Writing Month central, featuring one of our teaching artists. 

Year-Long Writing Projects

While your year wouldn't start until January, we think it counts as part of Novel Writing Month to sign up for a Year-Long Writing Project when registration opens in November. Our mini take on an MFA includes classes and one-on-one consultation with and feedback from a career novelist (Peter Geye), poet (Gretchen Marquette), memoirist (Nicole Helget), or picture book writer (Molly Beth Griffin). You can spend November crafting your project then spend 2020 honing it into a manuscript ready to be sent out into the world.

However you choose to spend Novel Writing Month, know the Loft is here to support you. We'll happily remind you to get enough sleep, eat you vegetables, and hit your daily word counts. Because we care.