Writing Project Tuition and Terms

Full Payment
  • Loft Friend: $7,440, paid in full at registration, which includes a nonrefundable $500 deposit. 
  • Regular Price: $7,500, paid in full at registration, which includes a nonrefundable $500 deposit. 
  • Note: This payment option is available when you register online at loft.org, call the Loft office, or email [email protected].
Sezzle Payment Plan
  • $1,875 on Sezzle (followed by 3 payments of $1,875 over six weeks), which includes a nonrefundable $500 deposit. 
  • This payment plan is only available when you register online at loft.org.  At checkout, simply select the “pay with Sezzle” option. You’ll pay $1,875 on the day of registration (including a $500 nonrefundable deposit), followed by three more interest-free payments of $1,875 over six weeks. Approximately 25% of the balance is due each time until it is paid off. This is a third-party payment platform that securely processes and manages the payments.
Monthly Payment Plan
  • Loft Friends: $3,750 at registration, with monthly payments of $315.83 per month for twelve months (includes a nonrefundable $500 deposit. $7,540 total tuition).
  • Regular Price: $3,750 at registration, with monthly payments of  $320.83 per month for twelve months (includes a nonrefundable $500 deposit. $7,600 total tuition).
  • Note: Credit card must have an expiration date that extends through the following year. A fee of $50 will be assessed for each occurrence of a return of payment for insufficient funds.
  • It pays to be a friend of the Loft! If the student is a Loft friend at the qualifying level (either a monthly sustaining friend or a one time donor of $60 or above) they will receive a $5 discount on their monthly payments.
Access Funds

Finally, we are able to offer 1 Access Funds seat​ in each cohort, for a total of 6 funded seats across Novel Writing, CNF/Memoir, Poetry, Children's Lit, and Fiction Writing. If tuition is a barrier for you and you identify as someone from a marginalized background, we encourage you to apply. An application is required; for details and instructions on how to join the Access Funds Pool and apply, please see the writing project Access Funds page.

Participation Information

Participation is limited to 12 people per project cohort for the year. There is no application for the Year-Long Writing Projects. When registration opens, you have the option to pay in full or set up a payment plan in order to secure your seat. Once your registration in class is confirmed, you and your teaching artist will schedule an initial meeting to take place before the first class. This is to ensure that the program is a good fit for you and your goals. Registration is on a first-come; first serve basis. Please note that you can only sign up and be considered for one genre cohort.

Placement in the cohort is not guaranteed, and if you or the teaching artist decides this is not a good fit before the second session, you are eligible for a full refund. 

The student understands that their initial payment includes a $500 non-refundable deposit.

If you decide not to participate once registered, please notify the education department of your intention to drop by calling 612-379-8999. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements with someone else from the waitlist.

Deadline for 100% Refund (minus $500 non-refundable fee)*:

May 28 @ 5 PM CST

*In the rare event that, after the required introductory one-on-one meeting between the student and teaching artist (which takes place before the first class meeting), one or both parties feel that the program or student/teaching artist relationship is not a good fit, the student may notify the Loft’s Education Department of their decision to withdraw and receive a 100 percent refund. This is the only opportunity for any student to receive a 100 percent refund after May 28, 2024.​ To withdraw and claim a refund, students must notify the Education Department by calling 612-379-8999 or by email at [email protected] after the one-on-one meeting with their teaching artist and before the start of the first class meeting.

Deadline for 50% Refund (minus $500 non-refundable fee):

Fiction cohort:

May 28 - June 18, 2024 @ 5 PM CST

Children's Literature cohort:

May 28 - June 20, 2024 @ 5 PM CST

If you choose not to participate and notify the education department of your intention to drop after 5:00 PM CST on any of the above dates, you will forfeit the first $3,750 of your payment.  Those who paid in full will receive a $3,750 refund; the Loft will cancel the remaining payments for those on the payment plan.

Terms and Agreement

No refunds after the second cohort meeting.

Visiting Lecturers and Guests

The Loft reserves the right to substitute other writing professionals for any named authors or industry professionals in the event an foreseen circumstance prevents the participation of anyone listed. There are no refunds for substituted guests. Visiting authors will either attend class in-person or via a Zoom session.

No refunds for missed sessions

There are no refunds or prorated tuition available to participants who are unable to attend a class session, conference event, final reading, or scheduled one-on-one session for any reason, including illness, vacation plans, life events, etc. It is the participant’s responsibility to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of the program, obtain missed class content from the teaching artist, and reschedule missed one-on-one sessions.  Notably, on occasion, the instructor may need to miss or reschedule a class.  In this instance, the instructor will work with the cohort to find a makeup date. 

Removal of disruptive students

As with any Loft class or event, the Loft reserves the right to refuse registration or participation of anyone disruptive to the class environment or disrespectful of the teaching artist, fellow students, or an equitable learning environment for all.