Shadows and Sunshine: Writing and Reading about Grief

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If you’ve stumbled through a heartbreaking loss and feel it’s time to write about your grief, or you’d like to write about it more, this is a class for you. I’ll guide you through various writing exercises to help you process what you haven’t been able to speak or rehash what you’ve said a million times. It is my hope that you share your writing with others in the class in order to feel a connection with those who have loved and lost, but it will certainly not be required. We’ll also read excerpts of work from those who have suffered unimaginable loss to those grappling with grief at the end of the circle of life. We’ll read about those who were forced into grief suddenly and those who had time to process the end. “Well, everyone,” wrote Shakespeare, “can master a grief but he that has it.” I don’t believe we can master grief, just as I don’t believe in closure, but I hope this class can help you take another step into its complexity between shadows and sunshine. We’ll make sure to end the class with a writing activity that pulls optimism, hope, and love back to center stage.

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