Year-Long Writing Projects: COVID Information and Updates

2022 Virtual Cohorts and COVID-19


NEW for 2022: Virtual Cohorts | Since March 2020, the Loft has pivoted to offer all of our (usually in-person) classes and events as virtual opportunities—including cohort meetings for our 2020 and 2021 Year-Long Writing Projects, which are currently underway. We've had a lot of success with these online, Zoom-based meetings for this year's cohorts.

In order to make the Year-Long Writing Projects more accessible to writers who are not local to the Twin Cities, it is our intention to offer both an in-person cohort (see note below about this) and a virtual cohort for the 2022 Novel Writing Project and Creative Nonfiction/Memoir Writing Project. Circumstances may prevent us from ultimately providing the in-person cohort. Students may opt to sign up for the in-person OR the virtual cohort. The 2022 Poetry Apprenticeship will offer only an online cohort; in-person meetings are not possible. 

The Loft & COVID-19 | The Loft will be keeping all programming—including all sections of the writing projects—virtual through  December 2021. We remain mindful that pandemic conditions may require us to keep all cohorts virtual beyond that date. However, we are planning to offer in-person classes and Novel and CNF/Memoir Writing Project meetings at Open Book in downtown Minneapolis beginning in January, 2022.

If you are planning to sign up for the in-person cohort, please note the following:

Vaccinations: Anyone attending a Writing Project section at Open Book will need to be fully vaccinated, and will need to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated, before the first class meeting. To be considered vaccinated, we require attendees to have had BOTH doses of their vaccine (or the ONE dose Johnson and Johnson vaccination). Valid forms of proof will include: a vaccine card, a picture of your vaccination card clearly showing your name and dates of the vaccination, or a photocopy of your vaccine card. For those who are not vaccinated, or who can not or do not want to provide proof of vaccination, please register for one of our many online sections or classes. Details about providing proof of vaccination will be provided to registered students before the first in-person class meetings take place in early 2022. 

Loft teaching artists teaching in-person classes will be fully vaccinated, as will Loft staff working on site at Open Book. However, as Open Book is a public and shared space building, we can not guarantee that everyone in the building will be vaccinated.

Masks: In addition to COVID-19 vaccination requirements for those ages 12+, masks will be strongly recommended while attending in-person classes at Open Book, in line with local and federal CDC guidelines for places with high transmission rates (as Minnesota currently is). Please wear appropriate face coverings in order to keep everyone in the Loft community safe: a mask that covers both the nose and mouth, and is secured around the face. Face shields may be worn in addition to a mask but not in place of.

As you make a decision about participating in a 2022 writing project program, please be mindful that COVID-19 safety is requiring all in-person cohorts to meet virtually for some or all of the year in 2021 and it is entirely possible that could happen again in 2022. 

The Loft will continue to make decisions around COVID-19 safety and our programs in accordance with public health guidelines and recommendations. Any decision we've made to move in-person programs to virtual platforms are in the interest of our students, teaching artists, staff, and community members. We strongly believe these decisions have not impacted the quality of the programs we're offering.

Please keep in mind that we cannot provide refunds or credits of any kind due to COVID-19 induced changes to programming; for this reason, please ensure you have the appropriate technology (computer, internet connection, ability to read and "write" electronically, etc.) regardless of the writing project you register for. See our refund policy on our FAQ page for more information.