Manuscript Critique
Anika Fajardo—Query and Synopsis

Open to: Query Letter & Synopsis Critiques

Word Limit: For Synopsis Critiques max 1000 words

What You’ll Get

Query Letter Critique:

You’ve polished your manuscript or book proposal, researched agents and editors, and written a first draft of your query letter. Now what? It might be time have it reviewed by an editor/writer. As a traditionally published and agented writer as well as a certified copyeditor, I can help you prepare and proofread your query letter to give your project the best possible chance.

Price: $140 Flat Rate

Synopsis Critique:

No writer likes writing a synopsis of their book, but this is a required step in the route toward traditional publishing. Writing a synopsis requires different skills than writing a novel or memoir. As a certified copyeditor and writer, I will critique your synopsis and comment on narrative flow, character motivation, plot, cohesiveness, readability, and grammar.

Please note: I will not be able to give you references or lists of agents/editors; I cannot speak to the publishability or quality of your manuscript; I cannot guarantee that a polished query letter or synopsis will result in offers of representation or publication.

Price: $210 Flat Rate, max 1000 words