Developing Authentic Characters

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What do your characters do when you're not looking? How do they interact with each other off the page? What goes through their minds that they might not be saying? What are they obsessed with? All of these questions feed into the work of creating a truly memorable character. While plot, tension, and setting all work to power a story forward, there are only so many stories you can tell and so many places a story can take place. But there are infinite characters to create. This class will focus on one main character to start with but will expand out to include a small cast of characters who will make your work unforgettable.

Class will be highly generative. We'll spend most of our time writing, and you'll have chances to share your writing with classmates, both as a whole group and in breakout rooms. Not every writing exercise will end up in your final project, but each one is meant to help your character feel more real, both to you and on the page. We'll take screen breaks as needed, including a half hour for lunch. There will be time at the end for a Q&A, as well.

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